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Do You Have Such Friends, Then You Don’t Need Enemies


Do You Have Such Friends, Then You Don’t Need Enemies

admin June 26, 2017

What do you make of friends who can afford to buy you alcoholic beverages worth of N25,000 but start telling you stories from Tales By Moonlight once you need life-changing offer of help from them? 

Once they get to know you have need for their help to support a dream or aspiration that will get you to your next level, they will betray their real selves to you.
They are called frenemies! No human being deserves such worsted friends, but since you have such as friends, permit me to correct and reset your understanding. You are without friends anyway. Just learn from this to serve as experience to you.
Better go on your knees and beg such characters out of your life from God in prayers. You deserve better and what you need as friend is Jesus Christ.
Go figure!
Let me hear from  you please!


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