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How God Used My Daughter To Deliver Other Children From A Destiny-destroying All-Girls School

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How God Used My Daughter To Deliver Other Children From A Destiny-destroying All-Girls School

admin June 26, 2017
I am a prayer warrior who got born-again in the late eighties. By the time I got married to my darling late husband, I was already three years a practicing good Christian. Then we started making children through the grace of God Himself. Having learnt first-hand the importance of prayers, I inculcated this same teaching in my four children – two girls and two boys – so that when they grow up, they would not depart from the love of knowing God and the great benefits attached to knowing Him through prayers.
I had lost my husband in a terrible car accident in which he is the only person that lost his life after the bus he was traveling in somersaulted three times. Others sustained different degrees of injuries but my husband had hit his head on some hard object which cracked his skull that by the time help came his way, it was for the doctor to confirm him dead. My children were all young then as I had successive twin children of a boy and a girl on both occasions. The youngest then were two years old.
I had learnt to carry my cross early in life and that is what I taught my children when before my very eyes and through the grace of God who made me understand that I have actually become one of His wives, my children started growing fast and becoming supportive of me in all my endeavours not to re-marry and to see that I raise them up properly. As a secondary school teacher, I went through thick and thin to make sure that my children all attended the best schools.
When it was time for my second daughter to gain admission into secondary school, I went on my knees and God promised to help me out as she would be doing same with her twin brother same time in same year. The burden had become mind-boggling. And the help came through a woman in my church who was in need of the fruit of the womb after six years of marriage and no real medical problem with her and her husband.
The couple approached me one Sunday after church service and told me that the good Lord had instructed them to take up the responsibilities of seeing my last set of twins through secondary school education. I was shocked at God’s ways initially, but my heart leapt up in joy and I started praising God in songs of praises and thanksgiving.   
The hunger to go for the best schools for my younger twins enveloped me and in all earnestness, I went for the best for my son and daughter. I bought the forms for their separate schools and they sat for the entrance examinations while still in primary six or what they call Basic 3 these days.
They had excelled in their entrance examinations into the two private schools as per my discussions with their benefactors. By August that fateful year, their benefactors had given me money for their school fees and for their other needs. My mouth was full of praises to God. My family and I have continuously been raising this couple before God in prayers to grant them their heart desire. I took them to their schools and continuously thanked God for using a colleague at my school who recommended my baby daughter’s school.
Then she started complaining about some strange dreams she was having in her hostel. They were quite very strange dreams about some young girls pleading her to set them free from a bottomless pit. Whenever I came around during their school’s monthly Visitation Day, the same dream but in variant revelations she would repeat. By the end of the term, my daughter had become a ghostly being and I was alarmed when I went to her school to take her home after her first term examinations. At the back of my mind, I was saying that the strenuous academic demand on her eleven year old body was why she looked this frail. Throughout her holidays at home, she never had such dream. But as soon as she got back to school after their holidays, the trauma continued from where it stopped. I became seriously troubled. I started engaging my spirit in spiritual warfare on behalf of my daughter.
Then one night, I went to bed early without praying well and then the revelation of what my daughter has been undergoing came to me. As soon as I got to my school that morning, I sought and was granted permission to pay my younger daughter a visit which I knew is against her school’s rules and regulations guiding the parents. As I was getting ready to leave for my daughter’s school, a call came in through my handset from her school’s Principal. My heart nearly lost it but I clanged to God for faith. My presence is needed.
On getting to my daughter’s school, I saw a large crowd of students and teachers in awe and fear staring into a hole on the floor of one of the classrooms in the school. There was this filthy smell and putrid odour that pervaded the thin air inside the classroom. To my shock, I saw some human bones being placed carefully in a bucket. I ran to my daughter’s classroom and was told that she is with the Principal in her office.
When I got there, my daughter was shivering in great fear and ran into my outstretched arms and started wailing on seeing me. The Principal later told me that God used my daughter to deliver the two girls whose corpses were used to make the school become very popular. She also told me that for the past twenty-five years of the school’s existence, that despite the good results their students graduate with, that none of them has amounted to anything tangible in life. I was told the school’s proprietress died two years ago and that God used my daughter in a trance during the morning devotion and assembly gathering to reveal the grave of the two girls used in the ritual.
I was filled with awe. My awesome God has done a marvelous thing for me through a vessel that came out of my womb. I withdrew my daughter from the school that same day and by the time the news broke, other parents followed suit. The school is now a comfortable place for substance abusers to hang-out and do their thing.
I will continuously praise my God for all His benefits. Praise the Lord!


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