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I Waste People’s Lives So I Can Eat Burial Rice – Confessions Of A Wizard

Painful Life Experiences

I Waste People’s Lives So I Can Eat Burial Rice – Confessions Of A Wizard

admin June 26, 2017

As strange as it may sound, I am a wizard. I have been in the business of wasting people’s lives ever since I lost my dearest wife to the cold hands of death under mysterious circumstances. That was twelve months ago.
I was not born a wizard but like my people say, ‘a toad does not go on afternoon race in vain.’ Something caused the cocoa yam to cry out. When the man of God whom my family invited to help us pray during the preparations for my wife’s burial rites saw in a revelation that it was my older half-brother that terminated my wife’s life simply to cause me grief and pain over a parcel of land that is duly bequeathed to me by our late father, I had to go to the end of the world to acquire the necessary powers to extract justice from my half-brother and inflict greater pains on him. My heart has continued to boil and cry for vengeance since this shocking revelation came to the fore.
When my half-brother owned up to this unbelievable revelation and gave his life to Christ, I refused to forgive him. Yes, I used to be a very rich man who once believed in the teachings of Jesus Christ who taught us to forgive until seventy times seven. But not with my beautiful wife who worshiped me like I’m some god. A perfect life-partner most suited for my temperament. No! I must wreck adequate vengeance on my brother. Causing the death of my wife is equals to seventy times seven that Our Saviour taught us in the Bible. There must not be any justification for killing my wife and givehis life over to God and make me believe that this heinous sin of his has been forgiven by God Himself. That is not justice! I found deeper meanings in the Old Testament teaching which says: “an eye for an eye!”
That should be the real deal in this life so that no one would terminate life that they did not create and go ahead to confess the evil stinking sin of taking lives and end up forgiven. This sure smacks of hardcore injustice.
“God! There is no way I will forgive my half-brother even when he stands forgiven by you.”
I remained cool-headed after the burial and mourned my late wife for complete six months and burnt up the sack cloth I mourned her in. By the seventh month after my wife’s burial, I traveled to India where I used to have business interests and met with the interests that had my anger and quest for vengeance attended to. I spent weeks undergoing the initiation rites until I was certified wicked enough to have lost my human mind and its place, an animal’s. I came back to Nigeria reprobate-minded.
From my enviable height of a Knight in the church, I saw myself tumble to mere shell of a Christian. A wizard on a vengeful mission.
My first assignment was to send a viper to bite to death the only son of my half-brother who just gained admission into the university. When the news got to me from Ibadan where I was living with my family then, I whipped out a mirthless smile and nodded in fulfillment. 
I came back for his burial and gave them my contribution while I sought out my next target. On the eve of the burial, my half-brother came into my house and knelt before me and begged me with tears in his eyes to forgive him. I went mad and physically manhandled him out of my sight. I shouted after his receding figure that I am yet to start visiting my vengeance on him.
Few days after the burial, I was getting ready to drive back to Ibadan when some members of my kindred knocked on my gate and the gateman came to inform me. I told him to shepherd them into my obi.
When I joined them, I realized that they actually came from my step-brother on the same issue of forgiving him. When I asked them if they are in support of what my half-brother did to me, they answered non-affirmatively. But one of them threatened me that if any more mishaps should come the way of my half-brother and his family that I stood to be ostracized. I nodded his way and marked him in my mind for destruction.
When they had left, my mind was filled with questions. How did they find out that I am responsible for my half-brother’s son’s death? How would they ostracize me when I am the richest man in our kindred? By the time I arrived Ibadan, I had stopped this line of thought-process.
Three months later, the old man died peacefully in his sleep. He was aged fifty-five years. I was so happy when I ate his burial rice. I even saw myself fighting with one of the female hands at the funeral who didn’t serve me the jollof rice prepared solely for the rites. I had to go fetch the rice myself. It was very sumptuous.
I continued to waste lives and endeavoured to be at the burials to eat the burial rice. Nothing brings me joy like seeing people grieving over the death of a loved one.
Then it happened that my town hosted an important church function that required the active participation and presence of pillars of our town. I gave my total support in cash and was at the function when the Evangelist who preached at the occasion gave a warning that someone amongst us stood to lose what he held dear to his life should he continue in his wicked ways. This he said was a revelation from God as the sermon was going on. I paid him no heed as his prophesy was vague.
I heard that my half-brother’s first daughter would be getting married. My anger knew no bounds and I purposed in my mind to kill her. It was while I was going through the processes of terminating her life in the supernatural that the news got to me that my hotel complex has been razed down by some mysterious fire. Then it hit me – that prophesy at the church function some weeks back – I had to seek out that man of God for help. 
The most humiliating aspect of the fire outbreak is the fact that I kept large sum of money in the safe deposit room of the hotel which only me was using. It was a huge financial loss that I incurred. Before my very eyes, I lost my wealth and gradually had to sell the land to enable me set up pure water business.
Wizardry and witch-crafting are two of a kind and none pays. Thank God for the man of God who saw what was to come my way, I was delivered from powers of darkness.
I’m no longer as rich as I used to be, but I know that with God on my side, I would bounce back. I have given my life to God and use what is left of my wealth to serve Him.

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