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Is It Right For A Wife To Make Her Husband Beg For Sex? (Mature Minds Alone)

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Is It Right For A Wife To Make Her Husband Beg For Sex? (Mature Minds Alone)

admin June 19, 2017

This is a topic that has been raging on all the important social media platforms especially on Facebook for close to two weeks now.
I have my ten kobo contribution from here.
It is WRONG for a wife to make her husband beg for SEX!
Sex as a natural way of letting off pressure is the cement that helps unite a married couple in their union as man and wife.
Only when a wife is indisposed will she explain to her husband who is human why that is enough reason for him to let his raging hormones and yearnings for his better half to simmer down with a promise of giving him a TREAT when she has recovered fully. Friendliness about this seeming denial calms a man down.
And who says that men love sex more than women? Hian!
On the other hand, a man should not lift his hands on his wife for denial of sex on health grounds. It makes him a brute that should be in the jungle cracking his nuts on both sick and healthy partners like the animals in the jungle.
A little patience, your wife will be fine and healthy again and you can delight in her body. It is not enough reason for a man to go adulterous on a wife he professes his love for.
But, some wives are known to be using sex as a tool of negotiation when a man needed to drain his nuts. It is wrong and morally crude. A man that is high and with huge appetite for sex would turn on his animal instincts if you deny him conjugal bliss and right. If as a woman, you know your husband can react physically on you in a manner that can even put your life at risk, please honey, be nice and respect your husband. Sex shouldn’t be seen as a means to show off on your negotiation skills. No dear!
Just as your husband putting his hands on you is not justifiable; denying this poor man his RIGHT is not justifiable either.
Just saying!


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