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Question And Answer Session With Aj [3 Questions]

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Question And Answer Session With Aj [3 Questions]

admin June 26, 2017
Dear Aj,
My husband is impotent and every one of my friends is advising me to go look for a man outside but that I should first of all discuss it with my husband. I have discussed it with him and he has given me the green light. I’m thirty-eight but still believe that my God is an Impossibility expert. Should I heed their advice? 
This is a very knotty problem. I will answer it from biological point of view. Since it has been clinically/medically proven that your husband is incapable of fathering your children, you have every right to go outside when the two of you are in agreement, that is, if you love the man enough to live the rest of your life with him knowing that he is not the father of your children. On the other hand, I have seen where this kind of arrangement has exposed an unfortunate family to making children from different men. The result is anarchy. It is better you leave the man and continue to believe God for a man who can make children with you.
Dear Aj,
My husband is such a horrible pretender with God. At home and in our kindred, he is a terror. In church especially during the visitations from church top figures, he would be dazzling them with his pretenses which grate my nerves to no end. I have made up my mind to report his excesses of wife-battery, nocturnal visitations and homage to the native doctor houses and near-lack of care for his family to the church leaders. Unfortunately, the last time he raised his hands on me and I threatened him with the threat of an exposure, he betrayed complete lack of respect for the church leaders. How do I go about this abuse and still save my face?
First of all, there is nothing difficult for our God to do. First of all, your assumption that he has total disregard for the church leaders is wrong. There must be few among them who he respects. Don’t let his sheer braggadocio confuse you. Open your eyes and ears and you will figure out the church elders that you can take your family issues to without upsetting the apple’s cart. Prayers still work wonders. Show God more faith.
Dear Aj,
My parents are on my neck to marry a man I never dated. My family was supposed to have received him this last Easter but I have told him how important it is for us not to rush things. In this season of failed marriages, I don’t want to live the rest of my life with a man I know nothing about. Simply because he is assumed rich due to the fact that he lives in the USA is not enough for me. What will I do as the man says he has only one month to stay and complete our wedding plans?
My question for you is whether you have a tinge of love for this man? You know that love grows. Another thing I would like you to do is seek the face of God with this suitor of yours so that the two of you would begin to agree to work together from the very beginning on what matters most to both of you which is compatibility and love. Also impress it on your parents that being parents-in-law to a US-based son-in-law is not greater than your life and peace of mind. It shall be well!

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