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My Mother’s Restaurant’ Help Seduced Me And Made Me A Father At Eighteen With An STD Too


My Mother’s Restaurant’ Help Seduced Me And Made Me A Father At Eighteen With An STD Too

admin June 26, 2017

Sex? Honestly speaking, I was bereft of any sexual desires at the ripe age of seventeen until my mother decided to help the family survive the economic meltdown that cost my father his banking job of fourteen years without as little as an apology from his bank. He was summarily made redundant and asked to feed his young family on his goodwill which got him the job in the first place. Life!

When she came up with the idea to end her days of house-wifeship, my father did his best to mute her idea as it would expose her to lecherous men and their excesses. My mother assured him her love for him is still getting hotter by the day and would not live to cheat on him or allow such ‘dirty’ men lay their filthy hands on her body, bank job or no bank job. None of them ever bothered to worry about the disadvantages of floating a restaurant on the life of their seventeen year old only son. I have two younger sisters anyway.
After the family meeting, the ayes had it in favour of my mother. Every contentious matter is usually put through a vote in our home using open ballot system. I had graduated from secondary school only three months back and was getting restless and bored beyond my bone marrow as staying at home from morning till night was not my scene one bit. I rallied my sisters to vote for our mother so that we would support daddy in his most trying times.
Within few weeks, mum was able to secure a space in the newly constructed shopping complex in a more populated part of the city of Enugu and bought her utensils and plates. She was good to go and opened her restaurant on a very low-keyed fashion. She just went there one day and started cooking after strategically putting up a sign that says: Food is ready! Her first customer happened to be a fellow woman and the patronage continued increasing by the day.
By the following week, she asked that I follow her to her restaurant to give her a helping hand and a better company during low patronage. I looked the way of my father but he wasn’t showing much eagerness. My mother encouraged me to join her as she would make sure I eat extra good meals while working for her. I was still unimpressed as I never liked the idea of attending to the whims and caprices of her would-be dirtypatrons. My interest in her suggestion peaked when she promised me a stipend. Wow! I was all eager to be a helping hand.
Two weeks on my new job which I must confess I was beginning to enjoy, my WAEC result hit the scene. I failed more subjects than I passed the necessary ones that would see me into the University of my Choice. My father was distraught. My mother promised to provide the money for my re-sit while my father insisted that I leave my new job and start extra-mural classes. My mother talked him out of that when she said that hiring a hand to help her in her new-found business would affect the finances of the family. My father baulked away from the impending eruption from my mother who has increasingly been showing him that she is in charge. He swallowed his pride by saying that I stop completely a month to the examinations.
A month to the examinations, I quit my job and faced my books squarely to please my father who would want me to pursue a career in the institution that so treated him very poorly. I heeded my father’s advice to take my studies seriously knowing that I’m an average student. But old habits die young. I have become addicted to the delicious meals my mother serves me at her restaurant, so after writing my paper during the examinations, I would first go to her restaurant to enjoy the free meal before heading home.
A week into my examinations, I came into my mother’s restaurant and met this fine girl and was immediately introduced to her by my mother as Jane from Calabar. Jane is a year older than me and short but has this electricity about her that draws her to you. Not quite long, I realized we have suddenly become good friends as we chat endlessly about everything and nothing.
She told me they are seven in her family and she is the second to the last. From her I also learnt that she was unable to gain admission into secondary school. My first time of hearing that secondary school education is big deal. I was shocked. Before I knew it, I started teaching her little words of English language. She surprised me by learning fast. My mother was appreciative of my support in teaching Jane some words of English language and a bit of mathematics; as some of my mother’s patrons who realized Jane’s deficiency in addition and subtraction have taken advantage of her to the disadvantage of my mother and our family in general. Within a few weeks, Jane has started surprising the customers who once cheated her due to her previous deficiencies.
This has brought us closer to one another more than I can say. After my examinations, I went back fully to my former job as an attendant in my mother’s restaurant. Our closeness started taking more definite meaning to me as I started realizing the difference in my sex from that of Jane.
Then it happened that my mother had gone to church for the rehearsals of a sit-come play they would stage on Mother’s Day service and left Jane and me alone in the restaurant. It was 7.30 p.m. when NEPA struck and on getting up to go fetch the match-box, I collided into Jane who was up to same mission. Before I could say sorry, she had grabbed my member and squeezed it in the sweetest manner, and I realized against my will and wish that my member could get hard.
When I wanted to murmur out my apologies, she went down on her knees and ‘wham’, my member ended inside her mouth. For the first time in my life, I experienced a climax. It took less than two minutes.
In my shame, I ran out of the restaurant with my heart palpitating like hell. For two days I feigned sickness and didn’t go to work. On the third day, I was home alone when I heard a knock on the door. When I answered the door, it was Jane. Looking very happy and livelier, she told me my mother has sent her to fetch something for her in her room. My body was already up and Jane’s trained eyes saw it all. I quickly turned to stop her from catching a glimpse of my weakness. I walked into my mother’s room and picked the forgotten item and on turning, I bumped into Jane. This time around, she took me to the giddy heights of excitement.
Three days later, I was really down with fever as I noticed some discharge from my member. I knew what it was out-rightly because I forgot to play safe. I went to my mother.
She it was who helped me keep it together and our family doctor got me cured. Of course, two weeks later, my mother gave Jane a matching order. Another two weeks, Jane came back with the news that we are expecting a child. All hell went berserk.

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