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Potential Means Nothing – Know What Potential Really Is


Potential Means Nothing – Know What Potential Really Is

admin June 19, 2017
You can’t achieve a thing in life by sitting down
Potential Means Nothing!
Yes! You heard me correctly. What is potential when it cannot be actualized? Is it not a waste of a natural endowment and gift in you?
There is no point being endowed with a potential when you lack the zeal, the push, the motivation to see such a dream come to fruition.
If the potential you have deciphered in you is that of a creative writer and yet, you have never raised a biro and put it to a blank sheet to conjecture a sentence that makes meaning to you or not, how can you continue to waste your time believing that you have the potential of a writer? You cannot write a damn thing and therefore, you are not imbued with the potential of a writer. Okay, let me make it easier for you. Pick yourself up and dust off the plague of pretense, and laziness, as the case may be, that has afflicted you.
What I’m saying in effect here is that you can’t achieve a thing in this life if you didn’t push yourself into putting your imagination into action that people can find beneficial.
And what does the term POTENTIAL mean after all? It is the range of capabilities that a person has; powers or resources not yet developed or made use of or put to use.
Need I say more? Go get cracking on your potential and stop disturbing peoples’ hearing devises with your gift of potential when you are yet to put to use your potential not until you have put your use to good use.
Ok bye!

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