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Understanding The Heart Of A Man – Don’t Ever Believe He Doesn’t Need Your Attention


Understanding The Heart Of A Man – Don’t Ever Believe He Doesn’t Need Your Attention

admin June 26, 2017
No matter how capable, responsible or otherwise your husband is, he still needs your support. This support is mostly psychological. This is so because his pride might not allow him to ask you for your support in certain things that he is undergoing in his life as a man and as a husband, in his family and in his profession. He yearns this support from you instead and if you look deep into his eyes, you will see how much he has suffered and how you will come in to be of help.
Remember that you are his help-meet. Everything that concerns him should be of utmost concern to you. Even if he is as secretive as the Swiss Banks, learn to come closer to him and ask him penetrating questions that would make him begin to appreciate your presence in his life. There is no man that does not appreciate this show of interest in everything that concerns him except evil things that he knows you will never be party to.
A man lived with his wife for over five years and when he couldn’t take it any longer, he sent his wife packing. Having taken time to teach her to show interest in his businesses and his other needs, she remained adamant, thereby giving the man an excuse to destroy their home and marriage. It is not supposed to be so. Every woman who intends to live under a man should during counseling sessions with her priest learn how to make her husband’s issues hers. This way, the man would go away, knowing that his wife is capable of taking decisions on his behalf because she knows the workings of her husband’s mind. This kind of relationship between a man and his wife makes the man reveal himself the more to you as a wife and the mother of his children. It makes a man live longer than the hassles of life without you being a good wife would have allowed him live.
There is this man who always drinks himself to stupor whenever he needed to get high.  He is married to a beautiful woman who works for a big corporation. The fact that the husband is this irresponsible has never stopped her from going after her husband and fetch him home all the time this incident repeats itself. At home, she will clean him up and get him in his pajamas after feeding him hot meal. This man is now working on his weakness but tells the world that his wife is his life. That without this woman, his business and life would have ended.
Now you must have grabbed my point. Yes. Betray more concern for your husband’s issues instead of going to your friends and wash your dirty clothes with them. But if it is not even in you, begin to pray to God to give you the wisdom to have this sense of care inculcated in you.

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