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Why You Must Not Despair When Challenges Come Your Way


Why You Must Not Despair When Challenges Come Your Way

admin June 26, 2017
Deep in the inner recesses of your heart, you must have concluded that it is only those that God hates with passion that He throws challenges their way. Certainly not true, if that is your conclusion. Even the rich and prosperous people face theirs and face the world with smiles to cover up their confusion. You have so concluded because you cannot fathom the number of challenges that have come your way this early in the New Year. From one to another, you have been kept busy by numbing challenges that you have forgotten what it means to say good morning to God through prayers. Yet you call yourself a Christian or a Muslim faithful.
An Ibo saying has it that “It is a loved child that his father corrects with a reproof.” When such challenges of life decide to make their abode same with yours, do not entertain the thought that God has deserted you to bear the Cross alone or that He hates you hence, His inability to come to your rescue. You are simply being prepared for higher challenges in life. Challenges mean you are being prepared for promotion in life.
Now, join me as I give you this graphic example of life and its challenges. When a child of two years is being awaken from sleep and be prepared to leave for school, that child would definitely cry and protest the invasion of his time in bed. But of course, you the parent wouldn’t stop until that child is in school despite his protestations in those his early days at school. You are preparing that child for the tasks ahead of him. There would be playgroup after crèche, there would be nursery after playgroup, there would be primary school after nursery and there would be secondary school education and its attendant academic challenges to grapple with if that child really wishes to end up in a higher institution of learning to excel in a particular field of human knowledge.
From the example above, you will realize that the maxim ‘no knowledge is a waste’ is in sync with the varied challenges courting you in life as you make every effort to get to your next level in life. When the challenges that are coming your way are wide and different, it is obvious that you have a lot of glories and successes to attain in life in no distant future for what God has divined for you must come to pass before you expire. And for you to excel in all of these tasks given you by God, you must go through the challenges coming your way. These challenges are not the types you can shy away or turn away from. No way! You must carry those crosses for you to get to your next level. And these levels achieved in your life are success stories that would definitely impart and impact other lives. Testimonies are not given by dead beings but they come out of the mouths of living humans.
When you are going through such tough phase in your life, always have it at the back of your mind that when you persevere, that one day, your testimony would inspire some other persons to go through such challenges and come out with better successes than you achieved out of yours.
I want you to understand that for every challenge you are facing, there is a reason for that. The onus is on you to figure it out. Some people get to know the reason for the challenge they are facing at the beginning of the seemingly arduous challenge while others get to realize theirs at the end of the day, hence the expression, “there is light at the end of the tunnel.” Have it at the back of your mind that there is a reason for a particular challenge facing you. You get to know yours through prayers.
On the above premise, I urge you to take it easy with/on yourself and God when annoying challenges come your way and you conclude that God must have forsaken you, it is not so. He is very much aware of you and will help see you through your pain as He knows what would come out of you and what would become of you at the end of the day. It is for the best that you will become.


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