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Comfortable In Your Marriage? Find Out How I Nearly Murdered My Husband – A Woman Shares An Educative Lesson On Marriage {Continuation}

Divorce And Marriage

Comfortable In Your Marriage? Find Out How I Nearly Murdered My Husband – A Woman Shares An Educative Lesson On Marriage {Continuation}

admin July 22, 2017

I Nearly Murdered My Husband (continuation)
My auntie being who she is kept on giving me guidelines on how to win my husband back. Not necessarily his love, but enough to have him glued to my side so as to incite envy and respect from my co-wife and his mistresses.
On impulse, I sent Steve a romantic text as per my auntie’s suggestion. I had just come back from work and my son was crying his eyes out for me to wean him. His nanny wouldn’t do much but sing him all the lullabies she knew to no effect. On sighting me, he calmed down and started yearning for my attention. It was while I was weaning him that thoughts of Steve beclouded my mind and I scrolled through my saved messages and found one that had this message inside:
“It’s been ages I saw your lovely face last.”
Then I added for greater effect, “Clinton is missing his precious daddy too.”
My effort was rewarded immediately with a call from Steve. The eternal man, my Steve! That his rich creamy voice got my head swooning like it did the first time he took my breath away. To my utmost shock, I realized I was already feeling him all over me.
“Sweetheart, what did I do to deserve you? I have been thinking a lot about you lately that it’s now driving me crazy.”
I wanted to ask him why he never bothered to call on me and our son all this long while if indeed he truly missed me like he portended. Something in me gnawed at me and I let that pass. Just sitting down and having my son suckle on my right breast ignited a girl on fire. Having Steve’s voice cooing into my core made my evening such a romantic one if you understood what I meant by that.
He must have detected my hesitation in my sudden lack of words, and then he asked me:
“When do you want me to come over to see my pretty queen and handsome son?”
“I don’t think you need my invitation to do that Steve.”
He laughed to himself. “You know how I don’t like invading your privacy. So I need to be sure you and I are clear on when you want me to be the man.”
“Steve, you know you are not being fair to me.”
I never wanted it to come out this way. By the time I realized it, it was already too late. How does a woman beg for love from her husband who is showing little interest in her? Anyway, I knew I didn’t want to sound confrontational, so I added more character to my voice and said instead in conciliatory manner:
“Oh! I guess I get your point my dear. When do you think will be convenient for you to come over and see how we are doing?”
It was a Friday already. I knew he would not escape the dragnet I had spread for him this weekend.
“Sunday will do well for me.”
I was a bit disappointed, but I recovered fast.
“Then we will have time to have you take us out on sight-seeing?”
“If that will make you happy my love.”
As soon as the call had ended, I put another call through to my special adviser, my aunty.
“Aunty, how are you doing today? I called to let you know that he will be coming to see us on Sunday.”
“Calm down. This is your husband and as long as I’m alive, he will remain yours. You are expected not to do anything other than what I will tell you to do. I will be coming over to see you on Saturday so we fine-tune our attack.”
“Thank you aunty. You don’t know how much I appreciate this. I allowed my pride to cost me my love, but with your help, I have been able to overcome my weakness.”
“Don’t mention it my baby. I know your mother wouldn’t do it for you. But I have to do it seeing that you are in pains in your marriage and I’m family. Just don’t worry; at the end of the day, you will remember to thank me properly.”
I gave out a knowing smile. “Of course, aunty. You know I will always appreciate you.”
“How is my son doing anyway?”
“He is fine aunty. He eats a lot.”
“Boys always betray such voracious appetite. Saturday evening my dear.”
“Ok aunty. See you tomorrow.”
Then my mind swung into action. What could be my auntie’s major reason for coming to pay me this visit tomorrow? I could hazard a few correct guesses, but I knew it would be for the best, so I allowed my mind to dwell less on what tomorrow portend.
So I went about walking in cloud nine and putting my house in order. My mind started to dwell on the old good times I had with Steve. I have always known that Steve is the center of my existence, hence why I hated this idea of sharing him with other women. Having the knowledge that an average African man is polygamous in nature has helped me live with it. It gnaws away at my heart whenever I remember that I’m a second wife to a man who can’t just zip up. I never wanted t be a second wife to any man, but falling in love with a man who doesn’t seem to care about that is a cross I have made up my mind to carry for the rest of my life and for the sake of my son. He needs to grow up under the care and protection of his father.
When morning eventually came, I woke up looking flawless and happy. It only happens when I’m happy. The entire world would begin to appear faultless and smiles will be permanently etched into my face. Steve makes me very happy and that is why I have accepted to love him unconditionally despite the flaws of being a second wife. It leaves one high and dry. When you need your man, you will begin to ache in all kinds of places knowing that he is in the arms of another.
My pains in this polygamous setting in which I found myself I pushed to the back burner as I looked forward to seeing my aunty who had been helping me with advices on how best to win back my husband’s love. This is just the beginning of that journey and I’m willing to learn from the master, one-on-one.
At 10.00a.m., I got a call from my aunty that her husband needed her to accompany her to an impromptu social function. I knew what that meant. My aunty is such a beauty that her husband values the fact that she is his trophy wife and enjoys flaunting her to his friends at social and religious functions where he draws strength from the admiration his wife wins for him as an accomplished man. I was a bit disappointed, but she reassured me that she would be sending her driver with a gift that would make my Sunday timeout with Steve a worthwhile venture. When I insisted on her telling me what I should expect from her through her driver, she begged me to let her be as her husband is with her. She made me promise to give her a call as soon as I receive the gift from her driver. I obliged her.
Then, at exactly 1.00 p.m., my auntie’s driver honked twice at my gate. It took him less than three hours to drive from Onitsha to Port Harcourt. When he drove in, I made him feel comfortable with a plate of eba and vegetable soup and a bottle of Gulder beer. He was full of gratefulness. He eventually handed me the gift from my aunty that had kept me curious and a bit apprehensive since morning. As soon as I had seen him off, I rushed back into my room and unwrapped the gift. It happened to be a sizable plastic container having a yellowish substance inside of it. I knew without a doubt that it is a love-portion. I started trembling but did my best to rein it in by believing that my aunty wouldn’t do anything to harm me or my husband. If it worked for her with her husband, then it will work for me with my husband too. I had thought. When I called my aunty, she gave out hushed instructions on how to use the portion she had sent me. I inhaled as I committed her instructions to memory.
Then it was Sunday. Steve was at the gate by 9.00a.m. I had given my nanny her day off, so only me and my son were the ones at home. I knew that for the love portion to work, I will have to get Steve eat something in my house before I allow him take us out. So I kissed him welcome while embracing him and suggested I rustle a breakfast for us and have a quickie before he takes us out. He agreed to my scheming. I knew what I was about to do was new to me but I steeled my rotten nerves as I fried some eggs with fresh tomatoes and prepared separate cups of tea for both of us. I then sprinkled some of the love portion into Steve’s tea and we settled down to a family breakfast.
While we were skating around small talks and flirting like a couple in love would, Steve started coughing. I stood up and fetched him a glass of water. By the time I got to him, his face was already puffy and swollen. Then he started vomiting blood. He passed out. I was alarmed.
“What have I done? Is he going to die? God!”
Then I remembered that I had an anti-poison somewhere in my drug cabinet. I made Steve drink a copious quantity of this anti-poison. After some ten minutes, he vomited some blackish substance which I cleaned up and flushed down the toilet.
He started coming around after some time. By the time he was conscious of where he was; his head was in my laps while I smothered his face with wet towel. I had thrown away his poisoned tea and turned mine into his while I prepared another for myself.
My joy was that Steve never suspected any foul play on my part. I never bothered to tell my aunty that she was evil. I gradually and systematically separated her from my life. When she realized I wasn’t being forthcoming with frankness with her, she beat a retreat. Today, Steve sees me as his savior who saved his life and has been showering enormous love on me and our son. There is another kicking inside my growing tummy though.

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