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How To Stop Your Blackmailing Children

Child Upbringing

How To Stop Your Blackmailing Children

admin July 22, 2017


Do children ever grow into blackmailing their own parents? Yes! They grow to do it and perfect their act of blackmailing their parents only when you are simply not preaching against it or you are enmeshed in not doing what you preach. This is mostly noticeable where parents especially those who find themselves in single parenthood grapple with trying to prove to their children that they are strong enough to be on their own and end up boxing themselves into believing their infallibility before their children.
Children live by emulating their parents, right from the day their eyes become accustomed to visuals of objects around them, therefore, they are always on the look-out to figure out your weaknesses and lap onto them. Then you got served.
The need to live by example is not going to be over-emphasized in this write-up. Everything that your children would grow up to be in life is in you. Therefore, every effort must be made by you to live a sterling life worthy of emulation by your own children. When you let your guards down, they will waylay you and make rubbish of your preachments on morals. No human is without their baggage of shortcomings, but when it is your children and their future we are battling to secure, you must not allow those shortcomings become you. In other words, you should not make shortcomings your life’s modus operandi. Living right is it for you so that your children would learn the right stuff that would steady them up to face the challenges of life’s vagaries.
To stem the tide of being blackmailed by your own children, you will need all the prayers you can say and get from prayer groups that devote their time on the well-being of the family. Family as we all know is the most important segment of our society. That is why the number of people who ended up anti-social or social miscreants is mostly people from faulty family foundation. The fact that your parents are the richest people in Babylon doesn’t hold water here. When it comes to family and moral teachings, there are no exceptions, rich or not rich. Every parent is first answerable to their family. When you live according to your own rules being seemingly forced down your children’s throats, your children would definitely live better than you did when you were their age. Know it that when a child is raised properly to live this life in the facets of either emotional, spiritual or social realm of life, that child would end up with adding some other things you never taught him/her. These add-ons definitely get the child to be better than his/her parents in any of the chosen corridors of his/her life. It is a well-known fact that your children would never be your exact moral replicas even when they are your physical replicas.
Through prayers, even before you made them, your children would not be the headache-giving types. But the onus falls on you to live right. We are well aware of children who blackmailed their parents and ended up worse than their parents because they believed that what they played the other parent against the other with is the standard way of life. That is why one as a parent is expected to always correct this spirit of blackmail in children as soon as it is noticed as it never leaves the child better than it met the child. It comes to ruin that child completely. Therefore, as a parent, you must not encourage your children to engage in spying on one another or your spouse as it is a harmful habit to engage their energy in. Even when you hate your spouse, don’t use your children in that fight because you might be served one day the other end of the stick and you wouldn’t live to like your creation.
I have seen many a family that stands destroyed because of the mentality of fight-to-finish in the spouses. Always all the time, the children ended up socially, morally and emotionally disjointed to be of use to themselves and the larger society. When the well-being of your children is uppermost on your mind, you will endeavour to imbibe these procedures enunciated here to hit the tape on parenting in your old age when you have none of your children under same roof with you.


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