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Inspiration: 5-Star Day-Dreaming – Using It To Climb Your Ladder Of Success


Inspiration: 5-Star Day-Dreaming – Using It To Climb Your Ladder Of Success

admin July 22, 2017

5-Star Day-Dreaming – Using it to Climb Your Ladder of Success
By Ugo Okeke
To start with, there is nothing wrong in you becoming a 5-star day-dreamer. But there is a lot wrong with you when you lack the will-power to take a step towards putting your dreams to tangible purpose. If all you do is dream dreams, then you are in that country of deadwood men/women called Utopia where everything works out for good for you without as much as you lifting a hand to do a thing.
5-star day-dreamers are people who see what becomes of their future without closing their eyes or taking a nap or sleeping the night away. They keep a beautiful place in their mind’s eye where no anger, bitterness or lack gets to deprive them the immediate and future benefits of their dreams.
Day-dreaming being what it is; is not what is applicable here. In this write-up, it is a different ball game altogether. This is so because day-dreaming allows you the benefit of seeing what become of you when you get to a particular stage of your interpretation of your God-given vision which powers the talent(s) in you. Day-dreaming does not permit being turned into a comfort zone. It does not like being made a habit also. Once it becomes a habit, its value on your life and in your life will be lost. It is not an escape route when you are faced with some unsavory experience. Whenever any challenges want a stare-down contest with you, day-dreaming will not come to your rescue per-se. What comes to your rescue is the time you took out of your day-dreaming binge to work out what your likely challenges are and see how to defeat them, hence when they appear in real-life situations, your day-dreaming has already offered you a way out.
You must have heard that too much of everything is bad, therefore, don’t as a matter of fact be wasting your life by embarking on 5-star day-dreaming as it will sap you of your vital strengths and confine you to bed where you will be most comfortable day-dreaming. Day-dreaming and 5-star day-dreaming now are not exact same thing. The former gets to mess you up while the later gives you the message that will change your story.
In this life, we are all striving for a space and opportunity to interpret our dreams and concretize our visions by making them beneficial to humanity, therefore, when you see your vision offering you the joy of 5-star day-dreaming exercise, do your best to explore this mind exercise. Pick up your pen and paper and continue to write out all you will need to give your vision an unshakeable definition that would stand you out when others are standing. Do not entertain fear when writing down your means and their challenges. When you are done, embark on a research work which will help you in your business plan-writing. Find ways to do ordinary things that those ordinary things will end up extra-ordinary and your success will end up a lifetime achievement. Remember Guinness, that name is actually a family name. Nothing stops you from planting your own name on world’s map of huge and successful businesses.
The stage of putting to practicable procedures your sequential day-dreaming adventure is always fractured by the spirit of fear. This fear as we all know it is allowing the ‘false evidence appearing real’ to get the better part of you because you are so afraid that your starting point would come-off disastrous. How can you be sure of such becoming your fortune when you are yet to allow your 5-star day-dreams to take of? Do you know that this fear would create another problem for you? A problem called procrastination. This procrastination would cause you to loose valuable edge over people whom you believe are yet to perfect their skills or knowledge whereas having the mind to execute your plans according to your target set time would afford you the advantage which only experience can give you. You learn from your mistakes and get to perfect your acts and soon you will see people coming to you to drink from ‘the fountain of your experience’.
I am yet to see a human being who became a success without his/her own fair share of mistakes which invariably end up becoming his/her guiding principles which we all call experience.
5-star day-dreaming? Start now and see them take-off and your heart will benefit richly from the effort you made 5-star-day-dreaming!

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