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Inter-tribal Marriages In Nigeria: The Misconceptions And Stereotypes

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Inter-tribal Marriages In Nigeria: The Misconceptions And Stereotypes

admin July 6, 2017

I will move to the point. Some Nigerians have touted the benefits of inter-tribal marriages as one of the unifying factors in presently fractured relationships among the comity of nations that made up Nigeria today.
Truly, this assertion and claim could be working in the mind’s eyes of its crusaders. Looking at Nigeria today, people are using the fact that during the Babangida regime, he created Delta state and made Asaba – a border community – the capital of the state is one of these misconceptions. If truly inter-tribal marriage had much to do in this situation, Babangida should have gone ahead to create Anioma state and still have Asaba irrespective of its geographical location as the state capital.
Politics of ethnicity comes first to most Nigerian leaders and that is why the above claim holds little or no water. Why would Mrs. Ahmadu Ali have to go back to her state of origin to contest for a senatorial place at the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly when she can easily do so in her husband’s state of origin? Inter-tribal marriages are all but a hue when one tries to impress it on me that they cement and galvanize us into stronger Nigerians and nation. No way! It is a misconception thrown out by few cases of where it appeared to have worked to the good of Nigeria whereas, it does the opposite. That is why I’m uncomfortable with every permutation of stereotypical situations where inter-tribal marriages help glue us together.
And now this, how will a husband from the North and a Muslim insist his wife change her name from her Igbo name to Muslim name end up one of the means of strengthening the nation? If when the man is the richest man in Nigeria, his in-laws are not having the feeling and sense of proper bonding between the divide of North and East. Anyone who thinks otherwise would only succeed in self-deceit.

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