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Is Friendship Better Than Relationship?


Is Friendship Better Than Relationship?

admin July 6, 2017

Any relationship built on the foundation of sexual gratification is bound not to stand the test of time. Any relationship that is hinged on the tripod of friendship, will surely survive the attacks from the envious and other factors that are capable of challenging your right to happiness in your relationship.

When you build your relationship on the foundation of friendship, you know you are dropping your pant for a friend and not some philanderer who is out to score a quickie with you. In a situation provided us by friendship, we are offered the benefits of getting to know one another more than a sexual relationship which started us off in our union. You get to know your partner’s strengths and weaknesses and see where both of you complement each other.
On the tripod of friendship prior to relationship, you have the following:
1.       Honesty(frankness, openness)
2.       Devotion
3.       Faithfulness
4.       Anger management and conflict resolution opportunities
5.       Tolerance
When you start off with relationship, you will hardly make it to friendship. This stream flows downwards and not in any way trying to climb a mountain. That is to say that friendship is a natural flow of events where human relationship among the two sexes is concerned, whereas, relationship (of which involvement in sexual activity between you and your partner) is like having the cart before the horse. It will prove an awkward progress in your quest to have a perfect relationship.

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