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Living in Fool’s Paradise: What Was I Thinking Getting Married to My Secretary?

Divorce And Marriage

Living in Fool’s Paradise: What Was I Thinking Getting Married to My Secretary?

admin July 22, 2017

The Stupidest Thingy I Ever Did In My Marriage

Yes! Exactly what was I thinking the night I proposed to my former secretary? I still can’t get it. How did I even propose to her? I must have been drugged.
I have been blinded by love like they say; ‘love is blind’ but now, I’ve regained not only my sight but my senses as well. I have come to realize that all women are the same. To tell me that in two years my ever-loving and caring former secretary wife would stop from loving me and rather would choose to pitch tent with my first wife who resides in another part of Lagos to make my life hell is numbing. My heart waxes cold by the day. I must do something very bad to hurt her for destroying me.
The mockery of my first wife is getting out of hand. She it was who played the Devil’s advocate in this disgusting situation I found myself. A good friend of mine when I was enjoying my former secretary wife told me that I was going through middle-age crisis as expected of some men my age who suddenly develop strong desire for a trophy wife. I had then told him how demonic my first wife had become and how I wouldn’t want to die young. When he suggested that I make my secretary my mistress instead of transforming her into such an exalted elevation, I warned him to mind his business.
Now, it’s all coming back to me. My first wife’s attitude towards me started changing the week I came back from Abuja on official assignment on behalf of the MD of the Multinational where I was working whom I represented. I am one of the ED’s of this well-known multinational. But that was two years ago. I still can’t understand how she suspected my action in Abuja. Perhaps someone had betrayed me.
In the middle of the cocktail party to bring the conference to an eventful end, I had taken one-too many flutes of champagne and when I got to my hotel room, I realized that one of the female room attendants was hanging around the corridor and staring at me suggestively. I waved her over. It was my first time. Yes, the first time I cheated my wife – the mother of my four healthy teenage children – and she started acting weird like she has some supernatural means of figuring out when her husband cheated on her.
In the morning, I realized that my wallet has been raked-in and ransacked. I swallowed my loss and wondered what the hell such a big hospitality company is doing with a common thief like my one-night-stand girl. I didn’t even get a good look at her face, therefore, I allowed it pass. I quietly packed my effects and left for Lagos where I knew my wife’s love was waiting. The guilt of my adulterous encounter with a hotel room attendant just wouldn’t let me be. It kept on haunting me. I became afraid of my own shadow.
Then two days later, the shit hit the fan. The bitch in my wife was let loose. She had discovered the stain of lipstick on the shirt I wore the night I cheated on her for the first time in the life of our marriage. She charged at me and calmly asked me to leave my own house if I wouldn’t want her to divorce me. What was she even talking about! She showed me the shirt and the stain when my sheer bravado surfaced. I was shattered. I knelt down and asked for her forgiveness instead of maintaining a hard-line. She accepted my cry for forgiveness but only on one condition. I must move out of the house for a week for her anger to melt away. I saw reason with her and I moved into a three-star hotel on the Island. After one week, I drove home but was locked out by a new mai-guard. What a traumatic experience for me! I called my wife’s line only to be told it was switched-off. Same with my children’s.
I quickly drove down to Unilag where two of them are schooling and heard from them that they have been banned from speaking to me by their mother for having the temerity to cheat on her.
My wife is from a powerful royal family and that is all I’ll be willing to divulge so don’t think I’m being stupid. I just didn’t need the pain my sack from my job her family negotiated for me in the multinational I was working with to get to the public domain. Two months later, all my efforts to reach my wife proved abortive. If for nothing, I needed to get home as I’m always horny and that is my weakness which my wife was exploiting to punish me to no-end. That was when I went for a job interview and secured another job in a marketing firm as their Marketing Director. I’m that bright and fortunate.
It was there in my first week that while I was shedding tears in my office while bemoaning my pains that my secretary walked in on me and things started happening for me. When I asked her to leave my office, she replied that no matter whom I am that she is naturally a heart care-giver. Whatever that meant! She maintained that I needed her support in my trying time. As I was still weeping, she came over to me and stood behind my desk from where she caressed my head until I opened up to her. She was in her late thirties and has a listening ear.
When I was done, she whispered into my ear that she would like me to go home with her. That was how our affair started and I was able to forget my wife and children until the day I woke up and she was having a child in her arms and barking out orders at me. When I rushed out of her apartment, I saw my first wife standing by the doorsteps and derisively tongue-lashed me. When she told me that she sent my secretary after me, I almost fainted. How did I survive two years with the story of my failed marriage without breaking down knowing that I’m such an emotional wreck? I think I was jazzed. That’s it. Women! Is my first wife better-off now she has a co-wife?
Now, I must figure out how to hurt these two women without breaking their evil bones. They deserve a repayment in their own coin. I swear!

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