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Love: New Rules Of Engagement


Love: New Rules Of Engagement

admin July 6, 2017
1.                  Loyalty works in most relationships that are known to man, but today, unfortunately I will have to add, it has become a mere appendage of art on the body. Just like a tattoo. Something you can always wear off when it pleases you.
2.       “I love you!” That’s the cheapest quote when infatuation is working in the minds of them whose eyes are on the look-out for what they stand to gain from the blossoming relationship. Heaven help you when you refuse to deliver or unable to deliver on this parable of investing in love. Love has a prize please. Don’t go into it believing it is a charity. That happened last in the days of our fathers.
3.       “Tell me the truth honey!” Then you have asked to be screwed sideways by the natural lies that come tumbling out and down on you. You asked for it. Lying has become the new truth in most relationships today. There are more unblushing liars than there are truthful hearts.


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