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Men Are Like Crazed Hyenas When It’s Football – A Woman Subs Men

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Men Are Like Crazed Hyenas When It’s Football – A Woman Subs Men

admin July 6, 2017

I was at the door of my neighbour’s the time she suggested I come over to her house so I would meet her husband at home and have him pay me for the asoebi I sold to her for my late mother’s burial.

It took them time to answer the door, when they eventually did; everyone was wearing a long face. My friend and neighbor was nowhere to be found. I became apprehensive. The husband grunted out his acknowledgement of my audible greeting. They were all engrossed with the television. Didn’t even know it was football that got their attention and messing up their day. When my friend eventually comes out, she told me that I came at the wrong time. Yes, because Nigeria is one-goal down to the Argentine’s better technical grasp of the game of football. Hianity!
Then to my shock, they all burst into crazed shouts of goal and swinging their waists like old elephants learning to dance. I guessed Nigeria must have equalized.
I was so peeved. Give me my Nollywood movies any time of the day and I’m entertained. What’s entertaining about football when all you hear about it is how this person died as a result of heart failure and how the other guy stabbed another for dissing his club? Duh!
Fortunately, I approached my friend’s husband and had him pay for his wife’s asoebi in the spirit of football for Nigeria just equalized. By the time I got to the door, Argentina had scored their second goal against Nigeria.
Hahahahahaha! Crazy hyenas!

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