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Nigerians Are Unpatriotic – A Britico Submission

Nigerian Matters

Nigerians Are Unpatriotic – A Britico Submission

admin July 6, 2017
This is a poser thrown at me by my Britico returnee friend. How is a Nigerian supposed to react to such a question and not end up being branded an unpatriotic element whose fate may fare worse than that of a rapist? I took a deep breath and scratched my head a bit before I contemplated on my choice of words.
“Well, it depends on the class of Nigerians you are talking about. If you mean the teaming poor masses, they have been living all of their lives in frustrations brought about by decades of decadence by the Nigerian supposed leaders. But if you ask me about the patriotic fervor of the rulers of Nigeria, I’ll advice you go to Abuja and figure it out yourself.”
“You have me more confused bruh.”
“What I’m saying is that we all have done Nigeria a mortal injury every now and then. Actions beget reactions. When you lead someone in bad taste, the follower might be tempted to stab you in the back. Bad leadership begets bad followership. And this is not synonymous with Nigerians alone.”
“I see. You still believe in Nigeria of today even with the negative effect on the image of Nigeria and of your president in his Washington Post’s op-ed over the Chibok girls’ abduction?”
“That’s a sensitive issue. Believe the President when he tells you he is keeping silent. Actually, he is working hard behind the curtains to solve this embarrassment. This is not the best of times to be the president of a country as ours, but he is steadfast and resolute in his belief this cup will pass too. He needs prayers and not vilification on all fronts.”
“Hmm! So there are still patriots who believe in the future of Nigeria?”
“Of course! They are everywhere, only that they are praying this administration touch their lives more than the reality on ground is affecting them.”
“Is that not a double-speak?”
“I don’t know what that means. You heard me say reality. Is anything double in reality? It is either it is white or it is black.”
“But you and I know that in politics, it can be an importation of the rainbow colours and some artificial ones too.”
“You don’t trust politicians, which I can see. Then you are talking about politicians and their way of life and not reality which elicited your rainbow colours.”
“Well, with people like you still hanging on to a sinking ship, Nigeria might still be saved.”
“Thanks, but no thanks for your cynicism.  Nigeria will surely come out of this doldrums. You just wait and see!”

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