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Onitsha Landlords Are A Selfish Lot

Nigerian Matters

Onitsha Landlords Are A Selfish Lot

admin July 6, 2017
I took time to travel to the East where my humble self is from to rub minds with family and see friends and garner more experiences for my writing career. You know a writer wouldn’t deliver on his calling if he/she does not travel, as doing so opens your mind to new happenings, culture and peoples. And so it happened that the air-conditioned bus I boarded to Onitsha had some electrical fault that took time for the company to send their electricians to rectify the matter. Hence, I came into Onitsha at a time most people conversant with security situations in Onitsha and environs will agree with me is dangerous. I was advised by a friend to come and spend the night in his house instead of continuing to my hometown. I accepted his offer and we were all relieved.
Then in the morning, I needed to continue on my journey, therefore I would have to shower again. That was when my friend opened up to me that we will have to fetch water from outside the compound. When I told him that I saw people fetching water last night from an overhead tank, he pointed out to me that everybody patronizes the Landlord’s water supply or else, one will be faced with a quit notice.
“Damn! What kind of lie is that?”
When we got downstairs, I took a look around the neighbourhood and realized that virtually every compound has their own water works. Incredible! These Onitsha landlords actually sink boreholes in their properties and lure probable tenants with the story of presence of such a facility, but renege on their promises as soon as they are paid. The taps are in your house but they remain dry. Thanks to the government for this exploitation of Onitsha residents by their landlords.


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