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Security Issues – Anambra State: Before The Advent Of Evans The Billionaire Kidnapper

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Security Issues – Anambra State: Before The Advent Of Evans The Billionaire Kidnapper

admin July 22, 2017


It is no longer news that kidnapping and armed robbery cases take a big chunk of the icing on our national security cake. What is news is the fact that some state governments have decided to battle the hydra-headed monster of insecurity with all they can throw at it. When Abia State Government borrowed a leaf or two from Rivers State Government, something went down that the good people of Abia state heaved a sigh of relief and started betraying more trust for the then Theodore Orji-led administration.
What brought joy and reprieve to the long-suffering people of Abia State in the hands of professional kidnappers became the burden of Delta, Imo and Anambra people. The crop of militants who did not accept the Federal Government’s amnesty was joined by their unemployed friends (youth) to take sleep away from the consciousness of these people of Anambra, Imo and Delta states.
Willie Obiano led administration has decided that the desecration of customs and traditions of Ndi Anambra has had enough and went after kidnappers with such zeal and passion that can be seen in the heart of a lion. His zeal it is that sent Evans out of Anambra state and he ended up in Lagos where he met his water-loo.
For states that have succeeded in ridding themselves the evil of kidnapping; armed robbery and all manners of malfeasance are being visited on them as can be seen in the picture of a man caught while catching vultures he ends up selling to his victim-customers in place of roasted chicken. Shine your eyes Naija peeps! Strange things still happen!

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