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Swimming: Nature Way Versus Man-made – Which Is More Fun? {Interview}

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Swimming: Nature Way Versus Man-made – Which Is More Fun? {Interview}

admin July 22, 2017

It is a tricky question we went to town with and here have brought you the answers from young Nigerians and some in their middle age whom we believe still enjoy swimming as a way of life and relaxation.

“I can’t imagine seeing myself in a non-treated river or ocean or stream taking a swim. My skin will first of all crawl out of me before I catch myself taking a dive to do such. It is man-made thing for me any day.” Greg, Lagos.
“That is why I always look forward to traveling to my hometown during the Christmas festivities because we have one beautiful stream that has a section for swimmers and even though the water is not as clean as it can be, I always cherish and prefer that smell of nature all around me while swimming.” Tochi, Port Harcourt.


“Luckily for me, there’s this little delightful river in my neighbourhood here in Owerri, so I always see myself more drawn to taking a dive with nature than taking a taxi to Concorde Hotel to have a feel of effizy life.” Pearl, Owerri.
“I really don’t know which one I prefer. Each has its own thrill. The most important thing for me is having that feeling of soothing relief from the onslaught of heat, because I opt to swim only when the weather is as hot as it can get.” Darlington, Lagos.
“I prefer the swimming pool experience to nature. This might be attributed to the fact that I am yet to be exposed to nature way other than the time I visited Lagos and was taken to the Bar Beach by my cousin to feel the fun of the surf.” Darlene, Asaba.


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