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Tattoo Pink Lips! Like Seriously?

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Tattoo Pink Lips! Like Seriously?

admin July 6, 2017
I’ll pretend you do not know what tattooed pink lips is all about. It is a procedure used in turning your cigarette-burnt black lips into some juiced-up pink lips girls will find absolutely attractive.
If you think I’m such a bore, you take a walk to Under the Ikeja Bridge on Awolowo Way and you’ll run into Americana-wannabees who are out to convince you to change the colour of your black or red lips to pink. And I keep imagining why the heck I’d forgo my red lips for pink ones. Very soon, these guys who wear nose ring and tattooed every space on their permanently exposed arms will begin to advertise we change the colour of the tip of our penises to pink so that our oyiboness will be complete. No place on our body is safe these days. Whitenicious wahala!
I was just heading to my destination when I overheard a bold voice directed at my way saying: “Fine bros, I can help you change your red lips to pink lips. That’s the vogue now!”
I pretended like I didn’t hear him. I was obviously embarrassed by such a suggestion. I’m fashion conscious though, but not in any way will I try to change anything on my body, most especially, the colour of my lips.
Has anybody bothered with the health implications of the liquid these roadside tattoo artists use in effecting  this change of colour of lips for anyone who is bold enough to throw his/her life at the mercies of these quacks? 

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