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The Myth Behind “Best Man” Ending Up Your “Best Enemy” How True?

The Myth Behind “Best Man” Ending Up Your “Best Enemy” How True?

admin July 6, 2017

Many of you must have seen the Hollywood movie title “Best Man”. You all saw how the plot of the story pans out. Is this actually a myth about best man who is considered as a man’s closest friend doing him the honour on his wedding day ending up the man’s worst enemy?
This is so considering the rampant nature this myth is fast becoming our way of life. I have a friend who encouraged me to write on this topic after his recent bitter encounter and experience in the hands of his wedding day’s best man. He shared with me the fact that his best man happened to be his childhood friend seeing that they are age mates and grew up in the same city. A week to his wedding, his friend gave him one flimsy excuse that he would not be available for his wedding to honour him as his best man. He was rudely shocked. His excuse was that he would be travelling to the village to supervise his older brother’s ongoing house project. Jeeze! This friend of mine then had to start shopping for a replacement as soon as the shock of the reality of his situation wore off. He ended up choosing someone who today is his best friend. What actually made him believe that best men end up becoming worst enemies is the attitude of his former closest friend. When his wife eventually put to bed, he called and informed his closest friend of his son’s arrival, this best friend grunted out his ‘joy’ at the birth of his  son, but he never till today come to see the boy or call his friend’s wife on phone  to congratulate and rejoice with us. Is this an attitude that is expected of a best man? Definitely not! It is no longer a myth. Best men are most times ending up one’s own worst enemies. Tufiakwa!

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