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Vengeance: Why You Must Not Bother With Such A Vice

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Vengeance: Why You Must Not Bother With Such A Vice

admin July 6, 2017
No, you have no business knocking on this bitch’s doors. It’s omnipresent and hears when your heart aches and your face tears-up over a mean deed visited on you by a fellow human being especially from someone whom has sworn her/his love for you.
Guess you must have heard of a delightful tool of anthropology called karma, it is a healthier demon. When you leave the lure of the cleavage of the bitch called revenge, karma will fight on your behalf and exact a fair amount of revenge, but when you dine with the bitchy revenge, it will get you into greater trouble you will not be able to extricate yourself from until your death.
When someone willfully hurt you, don’t worry, Karma is there to work for you. It is a natural order of life. Karma is a saint compared to the demon you are readily going to swing her way – revenge – because revenge is a sharp-edged sword that doesn’t distinguish from the victim and the aggressor.
It is such a vice that grips and grips and takes all from you. Revenge asphyxiates like a hungry python that takes one on a journey of no return.
Please be careful with extracting revenge from enemies whenever that demon knocks on your doors.

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