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What Have You With Gutter-Snipers (Gossips)?

What Have You With Gutter-Snipers (Gossips)?

admin July 22, 2017

Gossip is it! Our approach to the menace of gossip varies from an individual to another. But one thing that some people run away from is the company of ‘gutter-snipers’. They are the professional gossips. It has become a roaring lion of a menace that has made some people end up not having friends any longer bearing in mind that that their best friend has his/her own friends whom he/she in turn divulges your secrets. It is a vicious circle of life.
Of course we know that nothing stays secret in this life and that when one is undergoing emotional upheavals, he/she would have to confide in someone so that the cross would not be too heavy on him/her enough to crush him/her under. On that premise, everybody’s story get to end up in the public domain – a place where you have always detested it to get to – and gets you mad when you realize that your story flying about is as a result of your unguarded moment of carrying heavy load which made you to look for someone to help you scratch your emotional/spiritual itch. A friend is always the culprit, as in, the source of this leak.
That is why it is advisable to take your needs and troubles to God in prayers as He is the only one who can afford to keep your life your life and not something that its characteristics should be used as a means of pastime by bunch of gossips. Even your pastor can and will disappoint you immensely when he goes to town with your ‘best kept secret’. Another thing you should know on the premise of no one having any secrets as nothing is hidden under the sun is that you should know your friends and know whom you are confiding in. This is so that you will know how much ‘twisted’ your story has become when it hits the public. Try as much as possible to find and surround yourself with loyal friends who would never betray you even when this suggestion is Herculean as human beings being what they are would always stab you at the back out of envy or sheer pleasure of seeing you loose your cool mien and squirm in pains.
The type of gossip that pains most is the one that starts as a rumour and gathers strength enough to make you beat a retreat and end up a recluse. We have seen and read in the society magazines how suddenly a top socialite disappears from his/her familiar terrain and get to sue any publication that has the temerity to write something nasty about them that they want buried.
Now the question is this; ‘what do you have with gutter-snipers?’ No matter how much we pretend we hate gossiping and gossips, we all have this innate desire to know what is going on in the life of this or that person on the strength of the supportive claim that information is very vital and important as it is valuable while dealing with fellow humans, more so, when competition is involved.
No matter how one looks at it, gossip is a damnable sin and should be avoided as its web is far-reaching and appealing like any other sin. Gossips are usually said to be jobless people but what about those who make your business their business in our places of work and even in the church? When someone lacks the ability to explore his/her talent, the next thing that comes to him/her is envy. This canker-worm eats deep in his/her heart and then, the knack to begin to spread malicious rumours about someone who is good at what he/she does sets in instead of learning from him/her and taking off from there on the wisdom to make your life better.
On the other hand, to show gossips that they can’t get to you, you must make them see smiles on your face. Wear a permanent smile. It kills them. This will let them know that they are not your God and can never get you vanquished as you are a natural born victor and not a victim of their evil designs that could leave you at the mercy of their whims and caprices.
One aspect of the characteristics of gossips is their ability to make people who have no business hating you, now, show it to your face that you are so hated. Certain things these gutter-snipers go to town on might be true or outright lies and fabrications of what they wanted to see you end up adorning, but your strength in beating them at their own game gives you the escape route to victory. Beating them in their own game does not entail you spreading your own choice gossip about them. All you have to do is ignore them and please don’t try as much as explain your actions and in-actions to them who are coming to you to validate what they heard about you so they could make the rumour gather more strength and push you a shove harder. Simply tell it all to God in prayer.

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