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What Someone Said To Me About Nigerians’ Spoken English

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What Someone Said To Me About Nigerians’ Spoken English

admin July 6, 2017
Someone said to me how shocking he finds the manner of speak and kind of delivery of the language of English by Nigerians most especially on Facebook and other social media platforms. I did my best to dissuade her from believing that Nigerians’ best English is the type they commonly use in their social media interactions. She is a British woman, what do you expect!
She pointed out to me such cliché-like words that actually make no sense to her. Some of them include the following: ur, u, sup etc
These and other embarrassingly disturbing clipped English words that showcase the users’ buffoonery and lack of understanding of use of English words and their correct spellings are the ‘it’ of our youth’ choice words and style. They act like these dumb choices and use of clipped words make them ‘woke’.
She finished our English made in Nigeria by referring me to the statistics of yearly poor performances of our young ones in every known external examinations. Her concern is buried in the corruption of the impressionistic minds of young Nigerians of school age who may end up accepting social media English as standard on an examination day.
I didn’t quite agree with her because there are still young Nigerians who still believe in acquiring knowledge in such areas that would impact their future and not have them corrupted by use of horrible clipart English words.  
‘Come and’ is now written coman, you will not kill me is written as uweenorkeeme etc! They all sound sweet I must confess! Let the balderdash continue! Only God knows what Tower we are occupying in this part of the world. Tower of Babel?


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