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Why We Are This Blessed In Nigeria

Nigerian Matters

Why We Are This Blessed In Nigeria

admin July 6, 2017
Welcome to Nigeria where sex is free and love is expensive. Love has since been monetized ever since the economy went south. In Nigeria, losing one’s phone is more painful than losing one’s virginity. The near-traditional thing today is that you cheat on your partner or else, you’d be labeled as not sharp and smart. Since the invention of selfie pictures, our bathrooms have become the best photo studios. The wisdom out on the street makes it imperative to acquire an Android phone as it is a status symbol and therefore, greater than achieving a first degree from the glorified universities.
Take a look at our young men; our yahoo boys have brighter future than the half-baked graduates. Most streets in Nigeria today have more than two churches and a mosque and these places of worship have been turned into dating joints, where worshiping God is a difficult task to attempt. Lies are turned into genuine truths (ask our politicians). Are you surprised that in today’s Nigeria, ladies fear pregnancy more than they fear contracting the dreaded virus of HIV. Heaven help you and you have need to be evacuated from a life-threatening situation; I bet you the pizza guy will deliver his pizza to you faster than the emergency response. It is no more news that our people fear thieves, robbers and Boko Haram more than they fear God. If you happen into a church today, you’ll observe that more people go to church with chargers than they bother with the Bible (don’t tell me bible is in those handsets).
In the natural area of copulation, guys are scared of getting married but would love to have sex. Thank God for the growing entertainment industry, Nigeria today has the highest number of musicians and actors due to high level of unemployment. And depending on your place in life, your punishment for sins committed against the state is determined by the level of the office you occupy viz-a-viz the higher your offense the lower your punishment and what have you?
In Nigeria today, there are more number of churches and mosques than there are the worshipers.
I’m afraid our attitude is fast going south!


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