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Why You Should Neither Feel Nor Act More Righteous Than Any Other

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Why You Should Neither Feel Nor Act More Righteous Than Any Other

admin July 6, 2017

By Ugo Okeke MNIM
Hypocrisy has transcended into an art in Nigeria today by you and I, hence, we hardly see the log covering our eyes. All we see is the speck of dust in another person’ eyes.
How did we get to this level of self-deceitfulness? Wait till you have fate deal you in on a challenge with a seemingly insurmountable proportion. Then, you will realize that all along you have been gallivanting and acting like you knew it all, hence your goodluck streak glittering, you will begin to appreciate other people when they are undergoing temptations and challenges that make them appear unrighteous in your holier-than-thou eye now that the sheen on your streak has gone dull.
Does it now make it best that we all should go through same route in the hands of fate and destiny so that we get to appreciate life more appropriately? Not at all!
Life is what it is!
You may decide to lie to yourself that you walk a higher moral ground than your closest competition, but in this life’s race or sojourn, we walk alone. Alone? Yes! You carry a cross different from mine. That is why you should not act like you know half of my story and go to town on my misfortunes and challenges simply because you have a loose tongue that can reel off lies about anybody. Only the person who is wearing the shoes knows what his challenges are. Whether he/she has a pebble in his shoes that he/she finds difficult in removing or doesn’t want to remove is another issue that is not for gossip-alert on your part.
At the end of the day, we all have our individual shortcomings and must be graceful enough to let the wisdom of sympathy come to the fore when we stumble on another person’ challenge. The challenge I’m espousing here is the challenge of temptation and not that of finances.
What if same challenge comes your way? How would you handle such disturbing challenge that can take you to your next level or mar everything about your focus in life and set you many steps backwards?
That is why you don’t have to act like you are above temptation and that whoever is facing such challenge is simply as a result of his/her sinfulness. That will sum you up as a largely ignorant person who believes he is better than others. Such sense of self-deceit! It amounts to nothing but a bunch of lies you permit yourself. These lies get to the public domain and others will start peddling such naked lies about you and you begin to adulate in them. Don’t you think that your hangers-on know the truth about you? How come they are not telling you about the lie you live? Your wealth and money has bought you their silence. When the time is ripe, your lies will be made open in the open.
Hypocrisy never lives forever and there are no secrets in life. Go figure!


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