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Are You A Selfish Person? Receive Your Cure!


Are You A Selfish Person? Receive Your Cure!

admin August 12, 2017

Nothing makes one self-centered if not this ugly germ of envy as found in many of us. If you are the one fortune is smiling at, then its good, but once fortune smiles the way of another, some force takes hold of you and you start foaming from all pores seeking how to run such a person down instead of praising God for remembering a fellow human being. Such a person is someone you never know completely how much he suffered before achieving such a break in life.
That is what brought out the worst in Cain. The fact that God didn’t look at his sacrifice as He did that of Abel got him angry and raging mad to the point that he took the first record of the dastard act of murder ever committed in the history of mankind.
Now take a look at your left or right fingers. Tell me if they are all equal. No. They are not. Far from equal! Yet none says to the other that it is more important in the scheme of things when it comes to picking up items and other human actions hands/fingers discharge. Instead, they all synergize when it comes to carrying out a responsibility that benefits you and humanity.
Everyone in this life is important. Even in your lowly/miry place and position in life. You are there to serve a purpose that is divine. It is from that place you will begin to come forth. This is showing the world that you can do better in your aspiring level in life. Rejecting your place in life is as a result of your descent to envying another’s place in life. Instead of walking the envy crescent which you know is a dead end, put in more effort in changing your status in life without devising means to rob one of their statuses in life.
Once you have the spirit of envy in you, you are a selfish human being and you can “do and undo”.
On the other hand, if you are not happy with other peoples’ blessings, you are a selfish weakling walking the surface earth as human seeking out how to cheat someone out of their good fortune. God is saying to you today to beat a retreat and face Him for your own settlement package. Hey, don’t dabble into that drug business yet; don’t get down with ritual killing so you can make it in life! Put all of your trust in God and see if He cannot change things to work in your favour instead of bringing yourself so low to the point of practicing this craft known to man as SELFISHNESS.
Whenever Satan comes to you and darted a finger at a fellow human being to envy over his good fortune and the grace of God surrounding such a person, kindly do yourself a favour by telling him to get behind you as you have decided to look on to Jesus to give you that break you have been pining for many years now.
Receive you cure already my good friend!

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