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Environment: The Need To Fumigate Your House And Surroundings


Environment: The Need To Fumigate Your House And Surroundings

admin August 10, 2017

To fumigate according to Chambers Dictionary means to expose to fumes, especially for purposes of disinfecting, or destroying pests. On the premises of this dictionary definition, it is ascertained that you already have understood what I’m out to achieve with this title.


We are a people who like to keep our bodies clean and neglect our immediate and non-immediate environment, thereby exposing our precious lives to a myriad of germs that are in the air, water and in the soil. There are very dangerous pests and crawly creepy insects that leave dangerous germs in their wakes after we have gone to sleep at night. Cockroach comes to mind after this. Even those tiny rats too as rodent animals bring into our houses all manner of infections that if not handled properly – our immediate environment – would cause humans serious damages that could lead to death.
This is why it is necessary to fumigate our environment with less harmful substance(s) on the average of once in every three months. We have all manner of insecticides that help us get rid of malaria parasite-infecting mosquitoes, but you and I know that it is not enough to scare them away from our immediate environment as we know that before the night is over, some other mosquitoes have broken through the barriers we put up on our windows and we also know that such insecticides end up only weakening the mosquitoes who in their vengeful states would crawl into bed with us and drain us of our precious blood and in essence, committing hara-kiri.
There is a good fumigant insecticide in the Nigerian market that I would recommend to our readers. It is called Sniper DDVP 1000EC. Believe you me, the importers didn’t pay for this advertorial but as a publication that is family friendly and has your good health interest at heart, I believe you must have heard about this wonder fumigant insecticide. You can use it as you like. When you add it to crayfish or wheat foods like bread or biscuits, it destroys both rats and cockroaches. It is the only commonest insecticide that kills cockroaches in their numbers that when you wake up to see its wonder-working menace on the lives of cockroaches, you would be so shocked into dancing and praising God for giving you the commonsense and material to fumigate your house.
On the other hand, you can consult fumigating agencies to come and help you with their professional services as they take their time to cover the areas we would not ordinarily have reached by our selves when fumigating our environment and houses.
Do yourself good today and spend money on your health as a healthy you is a wealthy you. Have a great day today!


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