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Haters: They Exist And This Is How To Figure Them Out And Push Them Out Of Your Life


Haters: They Exist And This Is How To Figure Them Out And Push Them Out Of Your Life

admin August 8, 2017
Most times, the modus operandi of these so called haters is subtle thereby making it difficult for one to figure out who they truly are. Some of them come as friends and with all the paraphernalia of friendship until you succumb to their antics and when you least expect their attack, is when they pull forcefully the rug from underneath your feet.
You can imagine the pain such treatment from this set of ill-led persons brings to them who love and trust easily!
This set of guys operate in subtlety that it takes the grace of God to catch them at it and beat them in their own game by denying them the joy of seeing you suffer as a result of the mindless wickedness they bring.
I’ll share with you here what to do to ferret them out of your peaceful space seeing that you are peace-loving.
It is better that one deals with known enemies than with these fake friends who are neck-deep in hypocrisy. Real enemies are better than Haters who are fake friends; I’ll have to emphasis again. This is so because they will admit openly that they don’t like you unlike the Hater who could spend longer time genuflecting at your rear so as to see an opening and deal you a dolorous stroke that you may not recover from.
To figure them out, they use sugar-coated tongue to make you believe you are the next best thing in their lives after their tongue that they should’ve bitten off due to overuse. Hypocrisy I call it! They will never tell you when you are wrong. Whatever you did is good, but they will go behind you to discuss you with every intention to cause you more harm.
They are very patient and would stick to you and your psyche so as to learn your weaknesses and use them against you when the need arises. You remember Judas Iscariot? That’s their Commander-in-chief.
And to weed them out of your life if you have made the mistake of letting them in through the backdoor, all you need is to pray to God to unmask every demon-possessed unfriendly friend in your life. Make it a prayer point of daily living so that the good Lord will grant you the strength to bear the pain – emotionally – of seeing such good friends gone when the exodus starts. Yes, good friends indeed!
But once they are gone out of your life, you’ll begin to have less leaks on your weaknesses getting into the public domain and also, start enjoying the peace of mind that you deserve.

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