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Kindness Is Not A Sign Of Weakness: Why People Take Advantage Of Your Benevolence!


Kindness Is Not A Sign Of Weakness: Why People Take Advantage Of Your Benevolence!

admin August 5, 2017

Many people have been afflicted by this mean bug in the lives of people who hate and despise kindness done them by the few good ones among us. It is rare to come by persons of character who have this sincerity of purpose in them that guide their actions of benevolence to people they know and may not know.
I want you to know that God who searches our inward thought-process and heart rewards this act of kindness even tough almost all the time, no one bothers us with the true spirit of appreciation but will rather pelt us with slander and many. You remember in the Bible where Jesus healed the Ten lepers? And only one of them came back bearing appreciation? Human life’s disposition happened in this act of kindness exhibited by Jesus Christ Himself.
Who then are you to feel bad when such unkindness is returned for your kindness? It is natural for you to expect to be appreciated, but when it doesn’t come, I want you to understand that God has a way of rewarding us for all of our acts of kindness we did. He actually gave us the grace to function in His role here on earth, therefore, believe you me that you will surely be rewarded irrespective of the human in them you helped out of ugly situations with financial assistance or advise permitting them to see you as anything but someone they just “used.”
And now you who believe you have used someone who was kind to you and sees it as ‘taking advantage’, you are the loser here.
Your benefactor lost nothing, but by your action taken in bad faith, he/she stands to reap more from Him who rewards our actions and our inactions.
Kindness is not a kind of weakness as should be found in the character of a kind person who helps God in functioning in the ministry of making this world a better place.
Please, let’s keep being good as the earth is full of kind people still!

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