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Motivation: How To Turn Your Swagger Into Success And Not Vanity


Motivation: How To Turn Your Swagger Into Success And Not Vanity

admin August 10, 2017

Looking at young people nowadays and the way they have turned everything into frenzy, it amazes me how much energy they invest in vanity. The Holy Book has said that all that is vanity is vanity but the pre-occupation of this title is how to re-channel our wasting energies and put them to good use so as not to spend our time wasting our youth believing that such stage in our lives remains static.

In everything the youths of present generation are doing, they bring with them, a lot of swagger. And what is swagger here? Swagger here means creativity. Think about the time squandered standing in front of the wall mirror putting finishing touches to this and that dress-sense and fashion statement? What would become of the youths of present Nigerian day if they take one-quarter of this energy into self-employment and job creation? There would be less vices and crimes on our streets when the Devil has fewer young people to engage in his workshop. Don’t you think so?
As the title of this write-up pre-occupies itself with swagger and success, how do you get to turn that swagger of yours into success and not a sheer waste of time in pursuit of vanity upon vanity? To start with, you will have to think about how to be of use to yourself by selfishly believing that it is the society you are out to rescue from all forms of inanities. This ‘mission’ code-named ‘me to the rescue of the society’ would make you begin to see yourself as the next D’banj, the next P-Square and the next Genevieve Nnaji. Now, I believe you are beginning to have a grasp of my drift. Good!
What do you think when you start professing to your friends that you would like to become a model, a singer who would like to appear on Next Nigerian idol and what have you? You are actually making a positive statement by professing positively what your life would soon become. This is when you will realize that people would start to give you various advises on how to have your dream come to fruition. This is when you will begin to go after everything that would make your dream a reality. When you keep busy, you will have little or no time for waka-jugbe; you will not have the time to waste on amebo; you will not have time to squander on ill-profitable social lifestyle; you will not have time to go on a binge that could ruin your life and destroy your youth age.  
Having observed that our young people within the age bracket of 18 and 21 are as restless as flies going after a corpse, it is expedient to harp on this topic which I believe would help them live a more inspired life than spending their time seeing their days and time pass by without having a thing they can call a project that must be achieved within this year 2013. When a young man or young woman is inspired enough to make a difference out of their lives, you will begin to see them manifest adult sense of responsibilities.
Now that your mind is gainfully occupied, nothing keeps you away from your swagger but rather, everything would be done by you to add to your swagger when you see yourself fast-turning into a success everybody would come to reckon with.
This last Christmas afforded me the opportunity to see first-hand how much money young people invest in fireworks and alcoholic beverages which ended up exposing them to so may life-threatening dangers. The fire that gutted a warehouse in Lagos where fireworks were being kept is another. The only life lost in this disaster is that of a fifteen year old boy. Now you see how easily the life of a youth of this age can be wasted? Who knows what would have become of this young man? He would have ended up the future president of Nigeria.
Having figured out what will make you to be of use to yourself, you then get cracking. And how would you do that? You start by researching your chosen field of human endearvour. This would definitely permanently keep you on the right track, and give you the right energy to wake up to a better tomorrow. You will begin to see your swagger growing from strength to strength and your skin would begin to glow due to the inner joy that has started to sustain your energy.
By Ajulu Okeke


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