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My Insatiable Appetite For Sex Is My Damnation! A Woman Confesses

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My Insatiable Appetite For Sex Is My Damnation! A Woman Confesses

admin August 10, 2017

I’m always amazed at my energy and appetite for sex. I grew up in a secular environment in the Northern part of Nigeria. As a young girl, I knew I would be married off to one Alhaji as soon as I clocked fifteen. So early in life, after hearing about the sordid tales of young girls who suffer from all manner of virginal diseases, I decided to deflower myself. That way, I’d go to my husband prepared. I used an object which I inserted into my womanhood and watched in horror as blood flowed out.
This object became my dildo and I continued to indulge myself until my husband came back from the war front as he is a soldier, and at the age of sixteen, I became a married woman and the second wife to my darling husband. The night he took me in his arms, he was shocked to his marrow when he discovered that I’m no longer a virgin and in the morning, he summoned our elders and at the end of the day, I was taken into purdah. I simply lied to them that I had engaged in such strenuous physicality that my parents knew nothing of. My charming looks of innocence helped convince them but I knew they were not fully convinced. “I can live with that reclusive lifestyle of married Muslim wives” I said to myself. I kept on thanking God for killing two birds with one stone.
Two weeks later, he came back from the barracks where he lives with his first wife and while he was on top of me, he was moaning strange nothings to my praises. I was mildly surprised because I know that I’m that good. Of course, I took in that first time he touched me without knowing that actually, he was my first knowledge of the real thing with a man.
The next day, he was all over me and even suggested having me in the barracks with the entire family. I knew he was just being afraid of leaving a sexually active and knowledgeable young wife in the midst of hungry-looking men who he must have noticed feeding-off my soft and healthy skin and body. I urged him on even as I nursed this morbid fear for his first wife whom I have heard is a mean bitch.
At the end of the day, he decided otherwise and went back to the barracks. Two weeks later, he came back but this time, with an ugly-looking Sudanese of the Southern region. He told me that would be my gateman and escort. This he said is part of the fringe benefits of being the wife of a major in the Nigerian Army. I betrayed my confused appreciation and continued with my life. The pregnancy was very visible now and all the strange ailments it comes with were fighting for my attention. I had been taken to a clinic for my ante-natal by my husband and always did my best to keep my appointments with my doctor. It was at the clinic where I go for my ante-natal that I noticed a young doctor of Yoruba origin who couldn’t take his eyes off me. Towards the end of my pregnancy, my doctor, embarked on his annual leave and the young doctor it was who delivered me of my cute little son. My joy of being a mother knew no bounds as I watched my son suckling off my hard nipples.
My husband and his people were happy and it showed in the names they gave to my son. Two months after my safe delivery, I started getting this very horny that I feared for my life. As my husband is not always there with me, I resorted to the use of a foreign object to quench the fire. “But if e no be panadol, e no go fit be like panadol.”
I played my charm on my Sudanese gateman and he didn’t disappoint me. I simply raised an alarm and when he ran into my bedroom, I ran into his arms and started caressing him. I was sure no other person was at home with us that day as every member of the large family had gone to the mosque. He was well-versed in the art of making love and ever since that day, became my real love. We did everything in the book to hide it from everybody in our compound.
Within time, I started getting tired of perceiving his disgusting masculine body odour and calmly started easing him off. He felt betrayed but started keeping his distance except when I called on him. Then it happened that my son’s visits to the clinic for his immunization and all that made me go back to the clinic. On getting to the clinic that first time after my safe delivery, I realized that my doctor was yet to resume. While I was in queue for the immunization injection, the younger doctor sent a message to me through one of the nurses to come see him in his office. There he told a nurse to give my son his own injection. I was happy to have had my long stay cut short. Then he started his love overtures which I innocently pretended I didn’t notice. Even before he touched me, I was already wet and begging him in my mind to take me to la-la-land. He did, but it was a quickie.
This young doctor has everything I needed in a man to quench the insatiable fire within me. Then we were caught by one of his nurses who started blackmailing me. She told me to leave his man alone, but when I told my man about her threats and blackmail, he denied ever having an affair with her. Now I live in fear of my husband getting to know of my infidelity. He would definitely kill me. Somebody help me before I run away!

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