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My Testimony: That Little Act Of Kindness I Caught Myself Carrying Out

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My Testimony: That Little Act Of Kindness I Caught Myself Carrying Out

admin August 20, 2017

In the evening yesterday, I had embarked on a solitary walk so as to have pure oxygen assail me and see what inspiration I could get to meet up with this aspect of my ministry given me by God Almighty.
Then I ran into two youngsters trying to cross the wide drainage on their street to go watch a football game ongoing across the road. The first one had had to climb into the dry drainage to achieve his set goal and he is about four years of age. Whereas, the younger one is about two and did all within his drive to take on his brother’s challenge to no avail. From the distance where I was, I prayed that God would keep this little boy until I get to him so he wouldn’t injure himself, seeing that his older brother wouldn’t even afford to lift him across the wide drainage without both of them breaking their bones.
I had to hasten up to them. What I found fulfilling was how this young man stretched out his hands to me on seeing my outstretched hands of love and help. God brought help to him. What a relief! And then, when he saw himself on the other side of the drainage, his appreciation came first before his feet hit the ground. I felt so happy with myself and when I turned, something good came my way instantly.
Is this not what God desire for us – to be each other’s brother’ keeper and helper – instead of gleefully looking on to see how we would mock and subject helpless brothers through more agony? To what purpose other than currying God’s anger finding yourself hardening your heart against someone in need? See where such disposition got Pharaoh of Egypt. Please friend, don’t be a Pharaoh so you wouldn’t foreclose you from continuously receiving from God especially when you call on Him.
I’m still happy God used me to make that young boy happy and I pray my happiness infects you, as in; touch you in pleasant places as you take a dash into this new week.
Know it today, God always brings help. Selah!

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