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PRIDE Has Got New Meaning! Why You Need To Drop Your Ego

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PRIDE Has Got New Meaning! Why You Need To Drop Your Ego

admin August 10, 2017

Someone asked in a Bible Study class if it is possible that someone would be an arrogant person and doesn’t know he’s got such character in him. I answered that there is no way anybody would convince me that he/she is unaware of their weaknesses and strengths. Some other person stressed that it is a possibility that one is blind to his weakness. Well, you draw your own conclusion. But one thing that the Bible says is this, “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves”.
As I wouldn’t want to deceive myself how much more deceive another person, I know what is right and what is wrong and cannot pretend that I didn’t know that there is pride in everybody. On the other hand, there is good pride and there is bad pride.
Good pride simply put is the type that gives you contentment in your modest achievements, while bad pride is the one that makes you feel like the world owe you everything for sharing same oxygen with you.
Bad pride makes people see you as an arrogant personality. Such a description doesn’t look good on you, you know?
Permit me to show you why bad pride doesn’t look good on you. Let me take you through the meaning in the letters that make up the word/adjective PRIDE:
P – pomposity
R – Rudeness
I – Insulting
D – Disrespectful
E – Exaggerated lifestyle

Now, from the foregoing, it has become clearer that you don’t need to have all these baggage weighing you down. One of them is enough to sink you life’s boat, how much more when all of them descend on you when you let them come in through the backdoor because God blessed you with material things of this life above some of your peers.
Pride does nothing but cheat you out of the very essence of life which is HUMILITY. With humility, you are genuinely blessed and you stand to be rewarded on daily basis.
Pride is like putting the cart before the horse. So, do yourself a favour and get off the high horse to avoid a fatal fall.
Go figure!


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