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Relationship Issue: Why It Shouldn’t Be About Insults


Relationship Issue: Why It Shouldn’t Be About Insults

admin August 5, 2017
This might be new to you, but it’s actually a figurative statement I chose as topic today. Life is such that we get little or nothing from people we expect the most from. Whenever you begin to see someone as special in your life, that’s when I’ll advise you be more careful with how you conduct yourself around such a supposed dear person. It is not always easy being on your guard when you are supposed to let your guards down while in the company of a loved one.
As opined by the title above, handout of insults usually comes from our closest friends and relations. Are you surprised? I ceased being surprised since many years back.
Believe you me. A saying where I come from has it that; “People have the tendency to come closer to you so as to perceive the smell of your breath”. This simply means that only those who are close to you know your weaknesses and strengths. They also have what it takes to make you feel loved or emotionally cripple you to suit their whims and caprices. Human perfidies abound and they are always almost from them that are closest to us.
What then must you do to guard against their shenanigans destroying your inner peace seeing that when members of one’s household turn their cudgels of provocation on someone it hurts like hell? You’ll adopt both a mental frame of mind that seeks out frenemies (hypocritical friends who are actually enemies) and spiritual approach too. This spiritual approach is done by believing in the powers of spoken words. Trough prayer to God to help expose your real enemies and friends even among the members of your family does it best when you truly and quickly needed to weed out such pests from your life and protect the gift of peace of mind imbued you by God Himself.
After going through the heartaches from such class of people, I have come to the realization that love starts from sharing my experiences with others as a Life Coach and save them the pains if they haven’t experienced such wickedness and also help cushion the effects of the pains these frenemies bring.
I wish you the best in all your relationships!
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