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SHOCKING! Why There Are More Widows Than There Are Widowers In Nigeria


SHOCKING! Why There Are More Widows Than There Are Widowers In Nigeria

admin August 7, 2017
Average lifespan of a Nigerian man today is less than 50 years. Any other person could quote otherwise and still be correct.
Men in Nigeria are endangered human beings if I’m permitted to say so. Why is it like that?
I’ll start with the kind of lifestyles men lead. Men! Hear me now! Truly, we are not helping matters when it comes to taking good care of ourselves. Every aspect of our lifestyle we always abuse. Now take a look at the way we binge on sex. We have a wife at home and still keep concubines scattered all over the major cities of Nigeria. Is it by any mistake a serving senator was caught in hotel in the arms of a daughter of Eve? This is a man with many wives at home as his religion permits him and men of his ilk. We handle sex like life is all about sexual pressure and relieving ourselves of such ‘high tension’ pressure.
A look at our personal hygiene is another thing that we handle like God would have to come down from heaven and do us the favours. From our dental care and poor dental hygiene that gives rise to stinking breath to how we wash our underwear once in a week after wearing one for seven days.
Thirdly, we eat with voracious appetite and eat late to bed. When food eaten didn’t digest before going to bed, it turns into poison to our body system. Aside food, we abuse red meat and guzzle all kinds of dangerous alcoholic beverages like they are the reasons why we are still alive.
Finally, when a man who keeps concubines gets home to a neglected wife at night, this wife would pick a fight with him over sexual frigidity and more. This gives rise to high blood pressure for this man and pressure to satisfy this poor wife. In his bid to satisfy this neglected wife, this man would begin to try sex-enhancing drugs with side effects. Such side effects get to the heart of this man and before you know it, this man is dead.
He actually killed himself. Does he deserve anybody’s pity?! The answer to that is for another article.
This brings me to what a dotting wife will have to do to help her husband live beyond 50 years and not kick the bucket when he is yet to see his children’ children.
Make sure you supervise his food and prepare such delicacies that meet up to balanced diet. Don’t allow him leave home without food in his stomach. Add superlative and creative sex to the balance, and then you have made the home livable for your man. Home has now become his comfort zone, and you will realize that his night-crawling habits will begin to suffer and all those night and early morning calls from silly women will reduce drastically all to your newfound peace of mind and for that of the man as well.
NOTE: This article is geared towards helping all that is concerned especially the women who suffer most when there is no man to shelter them from the vagaries of life that come from predator men who they can’t afford to take on.

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