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Sins of Modern-day Parenting: Why Our Children Hate The Poor Instead Of Poverty

Child Upbringing

Sins of Modern-day Parenting: Why Our Children Hate The Poor Instead Of Poverty

admin August 17, 2017

Child Upbringing
Is it just me alone or some other person is observing exactly what I have been suffered to see in the hands of children nowadays who have acquired such huge taste and appetite that makes it easy for them to prey on the weaknesses of modern-day parenting which comes with choking responsibilities and pressures on their parents? Their ability to betray little mercy when asking and equally demanding for some favour from their parents is mind-numbing.
From age five to twenty-one, the story is the same. This is more pronounced and clear to the blind in Nigerian cities where there is this competition to show-off to the world that “I am the best parent in town.” This mentality is so rife among Nigerian parents that their children have keyed-in on the craze to sap them of everything they can afford to sprite away from their parents.
One thing I have understood about children is their ability to know when you are being dishonest about anything, even the unspoken ones. Most parents go out there to boast to the world how their infant children are being fed on processed foods. They also lie about their children never getting to use napkin ever since the advent of diapers. Your 9 year-olds would be busy listening to your fallacies and pretending they were not there how much more, heard your already vanquished lies. Wait until you get home and call him/her name. They will hit you back in good measure and blackmail you for good reason.
Parenting has become a bit unique nowadays in Nigeria because every Maria and Tom is interested in telling the world that all hands are very equal today. That is a life of their fantasies. They will only always have themselves to blame when the pressures of their pretences and lies come haunting with an axe in front of their door-steps. Because your neighbour is using diaper does not mean you have the wherewithal to sustain such luxury. Yes, it is luxurious when you know you can ill-afford to raise your baby on diaper when you equally have napkin to do the job even though diaper makes the job of mothering the baby lighter-a-responsibility on you considering your other responsibilities as a mother. On the side of men, even when a father does not have the money to buy his son a bicycle, he would have the temerity to come out in the open and to the hearing of everybody in his neighbourhood praise his son for coming first in class and make him a promise of this same bicycle he knows too well he would not afford in the next four years. Yes, he spoke out of faith. That may be true. But the sincerity is lacking. It was a boastful window-shopping. God will definitely not be in support.
On the side of the parents of adult children, they make their children believe daddy is still buoyant as ever before when the family is out there mingling with their peers and all. When the chips are down, the chick would definitely come home to get roasted and not roost. The poor dear father would begin to harass back his harassing son whom he had made to believe there is enough where the virtual too-much money is coming from. You have lied to him that you are in charge and in authority to provide him with all of his needs, wants and desires.
That is why you will see a family suffering simply because that father had boasted elsewhere that his second car would soon berth on the ports. The son and his wife would begin to manhandle the only one they are with believing that the next better ride would soon be. Of cobwebs and dreams! That is why parents who suffered through parenting and child upbringing end up making such horrible children who have grown to believe that money grows on trees and grow up to hate poor people instead of hating poverty. They always act like their parents are the Adenuga’s of this sphere whereas; they have no family names but are as haughty as royalty.
In the final punch line, lies are the biggest challenge families in Nigeria are facing today in modern-day Nigerian family life. Cut down on the lies so that your children would grow up knowing that life is not easy. Teach them to understand that one would have to struggle and fight for what he/she wants and for their needs too if need be, so as to make an impact on earth. Lies can’t bring up your children except you are a sore-loser who hate his/her own children and in that case, you are practicing witch-craft on them. Run for your life and desist from that as God hates witches and their witch-crafting with passion.

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