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Stalking Controversy: Do We Actually Forgive And Forget?


Stalking Controversy: Do We Actually Forgive And Forget?

admin August 12, 2017

The answer to this is yes and no! Permit me to let off a smirk here. It’s not going to be easy, humanly speaking. I know the workings of my human heart, but thank God for His word as recorded in the Bible, where we are charged to not forgive if we can afford to count up to four hundred and ninety times and beyond in a day a brother or sister hurt us with all kinds of insults and disrespectfulness.
To forgive is a divine gift from God. To not forgive is a gift from the pit of Hell. When you refuse to forgive, you are the one hurting yourself. I have never seen anybody who hates and is happy running into that person he/she hates. Your heart flutters and palpitate even simply because you ran into a person you have erroneously vowed not to forgive his/her transgressions.
Coming to why I said in my opening paragraph that the answer is a yes and no thing, many of us will say they have forgiven someone their misgivings, but still find it difficult to forget that such a person once hurt them. It is like a scar on our body but in this regard this scar is etched deep in our psyche. But one thing I have experienced is this, whenever I forgive someone through the grace of God, I tend to forget that such a person once hurt me. Believe you me, this is true.
If someone deeply hurt you, as in, wounded your belief in humanity, the best way to get even is to forgive such a person and pray earnestly to God to bless you with the grace and benefit of forgiveness or forgiving heart. He is God and knows more than you do what forgiveness means. He has already ordained karma to stalk all who grievously err against fellow human being. That is why He handles vengeance himself and doesn’t approve of us dabbling into such a damnable venture. Or what do you think conscience serves in our lives? I know some people are already reprobate minded. This write up is not meant for them except where God deems it otherwise.
Come to think of it, can you honestly say that you have never wronged a fellow human being and expected such a person to forgive you and you went about living with the impression that such a person has forgotten your injurious past and action to him/her? If you have benefited in such manner, why can’t you then extend such a fellowship to a fellow human being? Why resort to saying these:
“I’ll not forgive Agnes over this wrong! Over my dead body will I forgive her! Even if I forgive her, I’ll never forget what she is!”
Please take a chill pill. The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as recorded by Saint Matthew in chapter 6 verse 14 says thus:
“For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.”
This is the final word on this matter. There are great benefits to reap when you forgive and forget. Please, in this regard, this is the only time being selfish is permissible in life. It is for your own sake when you forgive and not only forgive, but forget this wrong done you.

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