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Strange Love: Women Are Their Own Worst Enemies – An Aggrieved Woman Gushes


Strange Love: Women Are Their Own Worst Enemies – An Aggrieved Woman Gushes

admin August 10, 2017
I still want to know from God why He bothered with women and up and until now, He is yet to give me a convincing answer. Seriously, God created man and completed the task of creation. Suddenly He realized that man was the only lonely creature in the Garden of Eden, then he made man to go to sleep and out of him, He made him a woman. The world has not known peace since a woman was birthed.
Chill! I know that every woman reading this story up to this extent would have started calling me names like; male chauvinist, but to be honest with you, I am a woman like you. We hate ourselves with a passion. Yes, that’s true! Women are craftier than men and have this one-way mindedness that makes it easier for them to practice their manipulative tendencies and characteristics on every other person. To tell me that a woman who hates me with strong urge to harm me would end up my best friend hurts me even as I’m writing this experience of mine I’m out to share with you on the pages of NaijaPeeps magazine. You see, I grew up in the South-South part of Nigeria where my parents also come from and on that note, never had the privilege of traveling to a city until I got married four years ago. Everything about the lifestyles of city dwellers had escaped me during my formative years and coming from my own background, I was raised to be all-trusting. After my university education at the University of Calabar, I got my posting to serve in the North during my Youth Service year. For my place of primary assignment, I was far removed from the state capital which serves as the only city to a village that knows it is a desert.
During my service year, I met the man that ended up my husband. He is one of the NYSC officials. It was love at first sight. He told me he would like to settle in Lagos as he was working on a transfer from Damaturu. Within three months of our chanced meeting at the state NYSC headquarters, he proposed to me and I gladly accepted. After the court wedding and white wedding in my town in South-South, we came back to Lagos and started living together as husband and wife.
Then it happened that I couldn’t take-in after the first six months. It was a horrible experience. My husband then started telling a woman-neighbour who felt concerned enough to betray her support for us and what we were going through even when his own people were yet to start harassing dear life out of me. She crawled into our life like a serpent and started suggesting the prayer house for us to visit to get to the root of our common problem after our various visits to different hospitals had confirmed to us that none of us has a medical issue that would stop us from procreating. She would take me to a prayer house that is being managed by a woman – as this is the biggest ad booming business for idle housewives – and leave me behind. I never knew she would go back to a hotel room to be with my husband. When the story of her wicked ways with my husband broke, I got to hear that the two children staying with her who call her ‘mummy’ are not actually her children but her sister’s.
When I confronted my husband with the scandalous matter at hand, he confessed to me that he must have been bewitched. And to make matters worst, she is already four-month gone. I was shattered. This is a woman who has her own husband whom she told us is outside the country, whereas she is never a married woman. This is a woman who pretended her kindness and friendship, yet her target was my husband. This is a woman and a neighbour who knows what stigma childlessness brings to bear on the psyche of the ‘victim’, yet she went ahead to destroy my joy. This is a woman who is in her forties, yet did everything in the book to bed a thirty-two year old man – another woman’s husband – still continue to live in the same neighbourhood indifferent to the hues and cries and dust raised by her audacious manipulative powers.
I have done my best by not allowing my anger to make me waste the life of my husband because I actually went for a poison to terminate him and later go after the ‘serpent’ that destroyed my joy of being a married woman at the age of twenty-seven. My husband and I have decided we would move out of our neighbourhood into another part of Lagos to save us from the stigmatization brought about by our dirty family story.
I have decided to be praying with my husband concerning our situation instead of looking for whom to pray for us. My belief is that it is not yet too late for God to answer us.
Moral Lesson: Be careful when allowing people in your neighbourhood into your marriage as lifestyles in the city is completely different from the one in our various villages where we know each other. Life in the city is often times vague and full of lies.                                                    

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