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Why People Commit Suicide In Nigeria These Days!

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Why People Commit Suicide In Nigeria These Days!

admin August 20, 2017

What prompted this article is exactly what necessitated my penning it. It is of sound doctrine that we carry one another’ burden albeit we do so half-heartedly. No help is insignificant is what I’m opining. Care-giving doesn’t have to be physically expressed alone, you know? That is why I believe that what God is using me to accomplish to His glory using this medium is not in vain.
People write me to share their benefits gotten heretofore, and that means a lot to me.
Without sounding like I’m digressing from the thrust of this write-up, the reasons why Nigerians these days have resorted to SUICIDE as a walk in the garden kind of resort is simply because the people they looked up to have disappointed them convincingly. These people would have issues of life that needed divine attention, and because they are not matured Christians, they would worry themselves silly after which they deemed it beneficial to divulge their challenges to their pastors to see how to extricate themselves from their suffocating burdens. On getting to this pastor, devil would sneak into the pastor and use the pastor to slam such door of hopelessness in their face. Despondency will set in and not long after, this victim becomes completely depressed.
Some people are not bold enough to speak up and let the world know about their troubles while some have resigned to fate to finish them up completely. While wallowing in the depths of depression, Satan who set this person up in the first place by making him not to know that there is another means of getting out of his despondency would cause him to go blind and deaf to the Still Voice and shut him out of the land of the living. Everything turns to ashes for this restless victim. Too many other voices would besiege his inner listening device and he’ll become delusional. Just with time and this poor soul would depart this sinful world in a sinful manner thereby sealing his fate by committing himself into Hell.
When you put your trust in man on any matter instead of in God and implicitly at that, you have accepted to shut God out of whatever situation that would most likely arise from your poor choice. Choose God that you may live in peace.
On the other hand, these days, what are spoken about in the Bible as recorded in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 have come to manifestation. May Lord have mercy on all of us! People these days are acutely unforgiving and slander one another with impunity. We cheat and preach against what we are the worst of culprits. What manner of hypocrisy is that! Who do we think we are deceiving if not only ourselves?
There is no real love in life or so it seems. We love and betray love like there is nothing in such a gesture for us. That brings me to this issue of selfishness. Who do we run to for help in this generation? God Almighty alone is worthy of our trust, hope and faith. If you lack Him in your life, you lack everything you needed to live a life that would add meaning to yours and to other peoples’ lives as well.
Let’s not bother with putting any trust in the shenanigans and outright lies tumbling out of the mouths of our political leaders these days. Take time out to dwell on why there is much restiveness and murder, kidnappings and terrorism the world over. We have forsaken God and made all the wrong choices that don’t please Him. But because He still loves us, my prayer is that we make effort to go back to the Old Rugged Cross where His Only Begotten Son – Jesus Christ – paid the supreme price to have us extricated from all things that put us down and walk us into the grave without the benefit of tapping into God’s all-important grace.

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