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Why People Easily Resort To Use Of Abusive Words On Social Media Spaces These Days

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Why People Easily Resort To Use Of Abusive Words On Social Media Spaces These Days

admin August 12, 2017

Humanity is becoming more and frailer in the area of betraying maturity and understanding. They easily take offense for perceived wrongs done them. No one is out to take out time to figure out why someone chose an impression that is different from theirs. Mental laziness has betrayed so many individuals and has got them worsted that they are failures in social etiquette: the major reason we all trend on these social media spaces.
Funny enough, the advent of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others have thrown up a lot of characters who see themselves as Social Media Celebrity. Funny!
Once such character make a proclamation like the tin god they are and you suffered through the effrontery to challenge their position, they will lash out at you like you are some transgressing homeless dog puking in their domain not knowing that once they drop an opinion in a public space, it becomes a free-for-all to air divergent opinions from theirs.
The most shocking thing about these social media tin gods that see themselves as celebrity is that some of them would claim they are educated and well-traveled and exposed and more, yet when they speak with their fingers, it is a for the wrong reasons and this attitude has conditioned so many people content with their own profiles.
If you do not have the mind to tolerate others when they misunderstood your status updates or challenge you for a claim that didn’t go down well with them, don’t you think it is high time you disappeared from social media space(s) as your presence in such public spaces is being used to make enemies instead of friends. You know about the heat emanating from the kitchen but instead of doing yourself a favour, you chose to remain there to generate more heat for the poor kitchen. Take a bow or take a walk my dear!
Well, I know of different temperaments, but when you know that your temperament makes your tongue drip with abusive words that flow from your fingers, do humanity and yourself a favour by deleting your account and save us the challenge of reading the hate and anger in your bile. Stop showcasing the fact that you are incorrigible and didn’t acquire much education during your days at the School of Child Upbringing your parents suffered so much to see you through.
Enough said!


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