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Characteristics Of A Child: Why You Need To Be A Child To Succeed In Life

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Characteristics Of A Child: Why You Need To Be A Child To Succeed In Life

admin September 21, 2017
First of all, who is a child? A child is a human being of tender age who is still dependent on his parents for guidance, training, protection and love. This happens to be my own definition of a child. You can enhance this particular definition for greater effect/good.
Characteristics Of A Child:
1.      A child is dependent and trusting. I’m more interested in the trusting attribute of a child. Tell this child to fall off a height into your outstretched arms, he will do just that knowing that you as the parent is honest enough and have earned his trust. This child depends on you for virtually everything. All of his needs are your responsibility. And in this same manner, God wants you to depend on Him and trust Him completely. What is that situation that challenges you to the point of exasperation, God wants you to know that He knows how to change that challenge to bring about a positive change in your life. A child would tell you that for an assumed offense against him, he will tell his father to beat you or fog you even when you know that this child’s father is not physically your match as you can beat him silly, but this child depends on his father and trusts in him to do all things for him. Why not you see God who is our Father in same way?
2.       A child is responsive and submissive/loyal. A child reacts fast and positively to issues of life around him. Once his father or mother tells him, “I will handle it.” He believes his parent that the matter is over. That is why even in a scenario where such a matter repeats itself, this child will go to his parent/s in all confidence to repeat his report to a higher authority. God is our only higher authority. Every other ground is sinking sand. God is our place of refuge in the times of trouble and sorrows. Is that infraction on a repeat mode from the enemy quarters, take it all to God in prayers. Submit your own will under His will for your life even in that situation, when the chips are down, the lesser power will be vanquished.
3.       A child is Obedient and eager to Learn. How obedient are you to the will of God for your life? A   child is as obedient as obedience is defined. He yields to greater authority and opens his mind to acquiring knowledge of new developments around him. No matter the situation you find yourself, no matter how long you have prayed concerning a particular situation, do not make the mistake of concluding for God when He has not concluded. If he has concluded on your matter, then, you would be dead before your answer comes to you from Him. Remember what is in Jeremiah 29: 11? God is interested in you having your positive expectations in life coming to pass on time before your transition to eternal calling. He will give you an expected END. Amen!
4.       A child is Humble and Forgiving. My neighbor will beat her son silly and he will wail and shed hot tears and goes away from his mother who he just offended. When the mother must have completed her ventilation exercise and her anger has receded, she will call on this child, and in all humility, this child will go to her expectant. And when the mother cuddles him back into her bosom, he has already forgotten that he just fell out with the mother moments ago. Such a forgiving heart as found in a child! His face will beam out smiles. I want to be this particular child all the days of my life. So help me God! Amen! As an adult, are you humble? Do you consider humility as an attribute earth has reserved for the poor alone? A child is humility-personified. Be the child today. What about forgiveness? What does it take to have your anger extinguished before people around you consider advising you to forgive the person who so angered you? Be like a child once again and it will be easier for you to forgive and forget. There is a blessing attached to forgiving others. God forgives you when you have forgiven people who offended you their own transgressions.
Oh Lord! May it please you to make me a child with all the above attributes so that on the last day, I will make Heaven and share in your eternal glory, through the merits of your Son Jesus Christ I have prayed! Amen!

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