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Hello! So People Don’t Care Again? See What You Must Do!


Hello! So People Don’t Care Again? See What You Must Do!

admin September 12, 2017

Finding such a mindset and predisposition in us is extreme, you know? This generation is as irreverent as no other. Nothing bothers them to make them believe anyone cares about them. When you betray your love for them, they throw it back at you. Yes, into your face you’ll get your goodness and kindness and care for them for your troubles.
But, it didn’t start with them. They learnt from us their older ones and parents. No one cares again! Care-giving is for the dead! Since we write tributes for supposed loved ones only when they are dead and never show them care or betray genuine love for them while alive. May God forbid such attribute and/or assumption in us!
How do I explain to you the amount or level of frustration in people these days? There is no trust again. Humanity is going down the drain on a fast lane and no one seems to be interested in saving the day. God forbid it! People fall in love and out of love faster than they fell into it. Like falling in love is a contraption and prison of some sort today, people now walk down the aisle without first having a feeling of what love is like not to talk about experiencing it actually. Marriage is a kind of utopia that offers a means to other means – they assumed. When you figure out you have been a failure and frustrated in life, you stoop low and take off for church and in few weeks of your conversion as a Born Again Christian, you’d deceive a same-same sister into believing you are the only one that knows the rudderless rules of the game you brought into the House of God and invariably taking God’s name in vain. Hello Charlie! You are already on a ride and you are in for it for thinking that anyone born of woman would deceive God. Failures see marriage as a means to an end and walk into it betraying all of their frustrations on life-partner and not caring to see how to make life easier for all in their house of commotion. Marriage is a blessing to them that put their trust in God alone.
When this means-of-escape of a marriage goes south, you’ll have you and your co-self-deceiver to blame.
Back to the issue of lack of trust, who do we lay this blame on? We are all guilty of this mean vice that seemed to have crept in on us while we were asleep as Christians. What you share with a brother/sister in the Lord will end up in the public domain and you end up the butt of your church’ crude jokes. How could brethren in the Lord be this unloving and uncaring? No care for one’s feelings among brethren again and it sucks.
Who then do you take your life’s issues to since we all have played you for a fool? Permit me to entreat you to be prayerful. Before you open your mouth and gush out your life challenges to anyone, make sure that God has spoken to you and given you the direction to follow. He equally tells you who to take your issues to. Seeing that as humans, discussing our issues of life with fellow human beings, such challenges are seen to have been half-solved. Do not be in a haste to open up to people. You can equally bear in mind that patience helps you resolve this knotty matter of who to share your challenges with. If you lacked this virtue, seek it out through prayers. It helps you know who to talk to and offers you direction.
Have you ever taken a pause to dwell your mind on why people resort to this extreme measure of taking their own lives? Suicide comes as a reprieve to these lost souls, but that’s a lie. This is so considering the fact that the people they deemed trust-worthy have redefined trust to mean a tool they use in looking down on the suffering person.
When one’s dignity is drawn through a pigsty, such a person if not rooted strongly in God is capable of losing hope.
This brings me to what you must do to live through life in this era most people have buried trust and go about wearing “In Memory of when I cared” on their hearts’ strings. Their attitude suck and you see darkness where you are supposed to be seeing light. Take it – whatever it is that sleeps in bed with you and goes about with you all day long – to God in PRAYER. He will offer you His gift of Hope and bless you with Holy Spirit to comfort you and you will know no pain even when the world sees you as fast being washed off the drain.
Please don’t be lazy to pray to God as such an effort opens God’s doors to you that when you walk into His presence, He will then open His windows of heaven to pour out His riches upon you!

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