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How To Cure Yourself Of Tough Luck High Libido (True Story)

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How To Cure Yourself Of Tough Luck High Libido (True Story)

admin September 12, 2017
Let me start by making it clear to you that this article is drawn from commonsense and has little medical support.
I have this very good friend of mine. Few years back, in the month of February, on the 13th of February to be precise, he invited me to his aptly titled ‘Valentine Birthday Bash’ somewhere in the heart of Isolo area of Lagos.
Owing to the fact that I like keeping to time, I arrived his residence early and had the opportunity of being introduced to his family members. That was when my curiosity took the better part of me. His parents are all orobo in capital letters. And what about his siblings? The four of them are as fat as sumo-wrestling-recommended-sized wrestlers. Yes, even the girls can escape being noticed if they go for sumo wrestling if they wore low hair cut. All protruding bellies and wobbling backsides that Boy Alinco can conveniently take a nap in after a tough day moon-walking after all the pretty Lagos girls.
What puzzled my mind to no end was why my friend looks different from all of his family members. No wonder they all dotted on him. Being a good-behaving dude, his parents permitted him to have his 30thyear birthday party at home against the norm and more stylish and freer club scene. Well, since you asked, my friend is athletic and fruity and dude-like. Big but not fat in any manner at all. How could this be possible in such a family?
I couldn’t stop my curious self, I threw the question at him after apologizing beforehand should he find my question offensive. While we were chatting on BBM, I asked him if he is a true born of his father as he is strikingly different from his family members. He sent me a smile smiley and answered thus:
“I noticed the look of surprise on your face when I introduced you to my family. Well, I’m a young guy and as horny as hell like men my age. While growing up, I was no different from my family members. I was the butt of the cruel jokes of all my friends in school and in church. This made me to hate my boyhood stature till date. When I started growing and making ‘cum’ at the age of twelve, I realized I couldn’t allow my dick a rest. There is no day I wouldn’t give myself a sweet wank. Even when I started dating girls and making out with them years later I couldn’t stop myself from masturbating. It helps waste the cholesterols and its attendant helpings on my laps and buttocks. Looking firm and trimmer is the  new sexy!
Then I took ill and was rushed to the hospital. One look at me when I was alone with our family doctor, he asked me what I could tell him is wrong with me as he couldn’t place his fingers on it. I then confided in him my deep-rooted addiction to masturbation. How no day passes by without me giving myself one a helping hand while imagining my time with the girls. He recommended that I quit wanking as it was affecting my health. He really scared me shitless with his conclusions on the side effects of masturbation. Poor eye sights, low immunity and loss of blood, weak erection and more.
I accepted his suggestion and quit the best act of my life. But three months later, everybody started complimenting my orobo side again and I was scared stiff as I looked myself in the mirror on daily basis and see my sweet masculine physique bulging out from the seams. I looked terrible. We eat a lot in my family and we all love sex. I get hard moments after ejaculation which happened to be the reason why my girlfriends still put up with me.
When I couldn’t take it any longer, I accepted my doctor’s other suggestion of hitting the gym and wanking at least first thing in the morning before meal. I made tremendous progress within two weeks and couldn’t wait to see myself bounce back to my sexy masculine body of yore-years. Then I increased the number of times I beat my meat to two in the morning. As a journalist, I have flexible time and can afford to wank when I wake up and wank after eating my mother’s food and hitting the streets of Lagos to shop for news-worthy happenings around the city.
I ended up athletic-looking and back to my general good looks everybody came to compliment me for.
To maintain my sexy stature and keep my high libido in check, I increased my morning masturbation sessions to three times. That is why I look this good and keep only two girlfriends instead of about five that I used to keep in those days of my life as an orobo boy.”
What! Chisos! I wanted to accuse him of lying and embellishing some of his claims, but ended up putting a call through to him and asked him pointedly if he was the one that sent me such claim, to which he answered affirmatively. Dude wanks three times in the morning to contain his high libido! I simply couldn’t stop rolling my eyes. Dayum! The fact that he is Yoruba made me believe him. I forgot to tell you that he said he suffers untold hardship trying to contain his raging hormones which give him stubborn hard-on whenever he runs into a woman of his taste on a day he forgot to complete his masturbation rounds.
Now if you have such problem of always not knowing how to control your libido which leads you into getting all of your female house helps leaving your family’s employ and your wife catching you in compromising situations with them every now and then, I’ll advice you borrow a leaf from my friend. Beht, please, make sure you eat well and exercise your body adequately so as to enable the juices flow ceaselessly.

Dude wanks three times in the morning before coming out! Dayum! *makes a face like Martin Lawrence*



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