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How To Know God Is Magnificently Benevolent In Your Seemingly Miserable Life!

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How To Know God Is Magnificently Benevolent In Your Seemingly Miserable Life!

admin September 3, 2017

Have you ever been on some kind of tailspin end of a line in life praying and wishing and yearning for that one piece of dry bone to get to your hands and be lifted up in a guided precision into your mouth? Oh yes! We have all been through that and still go through some simply because life sucks big time.
You are the owner of your dream in part time fashion. Yes! You owe the rest to God, that is, if you are to succeed in life. Once you have shared your dream with some other person in this life, you are in your best interest not to go after this person with caps in hands begging for money to sponsor your dream. You have lost the initiative as soon as you did so.
Such a person would begin to avoid you except he is sent by God Himself to help sort you out in life. And then, the answer to your prayer comes your way in the most unsuspecting manner. You begin to see the true manifestation of your heart desires coming to reality and you in dazed drugged-like stare; begin to live that life you have always yearned for, only in your dreams though. Luckily this time, it is happening in your reality boulevard of life and living.
Isn’t it God that just chose to lift you out of your basement life to the tops so you could see that there is nothing impossible for Him to do? And see you replicate such gesture in the lives of the people He would bring your way? Exactly!
Most times, we don’t think we deserve the grace of God that He showers on us simply because our style of living is fraught with scandalous sinfulness, yet God would decide to throw a fat and healthy bone to this sinful child of His for His name’ sake.
That is God in His omni-present and magnificent benevolence. And that is what I pray for you today. Such miraculous exit from Poverty Lane to Opulence in Splendour Boulevard – what a roller coaster it will be – your dream coming to life!
Go and prosper good friend!

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