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How To Tame A Nagging Wife

Divorce And Marriage

How To Tame A Nagging Wife

admin September 12, 2017

Nothing unsettles a man like living under same roof with a wife who has huge appetite for nagging. You will see a man behaving like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar simply because his wife is a nagging woman.
The worst part of it is that this nagging wife or girlfriend does her nagging bit in public for all to see, hear and understand who wears the trousers at home. That you are the man and the breadwinner of your family means nothing to this nagging woman in your life who ends up becoming the mother of your children. She does everything humanly and womanly possible to reduce you before your friends. She stops you from going out and mixing-up socially with your friends. This nagging woman prefers you stay with her and engage her in those things you do with your friends, but the only problem here is that she doesn’t want you to be your true self. Rather, she will prefer you approach life through her mind’s prism. Besides, her company puts you on the edge.
But why would a man end up living his life with a nagging woman? A pertinent question, this is which I’ll do my best to answer. Women are known to have more than two faces or character traits. They are: the good, the bad and the ugly. A woman ends up becoming a pain in the ass when the bad in her influences the ugly in her and they give the good in her the boot in a vicious manner. Only heavens would save you from the pains your life would be made to go through.
So how will a man live with a nagging woman and still have a breathing space without being turned into a wife batterer?
You as a man made the mistake of not courting your wife enough to see and understand first hand her good side and her low sides. Right from the word get-go, a man should not pretend about anything to his probable wife. When you are boastful and achieve your imaginary dreams without concrete evidence to support your lies, your wife will definitely lose her respect for you. When she loses the respect she has for you, the character trait of nagging comes fast to her. That’s her rescue tool from the frustrating life she’s living under your roof. The best way to shut her up is by going after your dreams and putting in considerable hardwork and achieving success.
Then again, you are a responsible man and a community leader and a church/Muslim leader, but one day, the devil tempted you with your house help and your wife ends up walking-in on such a compromised picture of you. You will beg heavens to appeal to her righteous sense of indignation not to end up taking your infidelity to the places where you are revered. This arms her up with a tool to torment you for destroying her love for you. If she is a wise woman, she would save your ass, but it will cost you your peace of mind and the peace you used to enjoy at home. When she talks to you, her tongue becomes as acerbic as a sting that you will wish you never bothered with that other forbidden fruit.
There are other scenarios that would change your once peace-loving wife into a nagging nightmare for you, but the best way to live under same roof with such a wife is to hold your peace and not lose it on her body by becoming violent. She has already lost her sense of loyalty to you. Putting your hands on her aggravates an already nasty situation. You can seek help from a psychologist or you pay a visit to your priest who will counsel the two of you. If truly you are serious about making amends and turning a new leaf, she will work on herself to become a good wife again and bridle her tongue for her own health’s sake too.
This business of nagging hurts everyone in the family. It makes you spend your anger on someone who didn’t wrong you, especially on your children. Some men can be adamant and refuse to see their misbehavior as anything for you to use words on them and can even beat you up to worsen the situation, but a real man should bear the brunt of his wife’s caustic tongue.
Ask for her forgiveness and seek for help from a professional who wouldn’t spread your marital misfortune to your friends and enemies. Remember, you must carry her along to prove to her you are now a changed man as most nagging wives’ bad character traits are necessitated by the husband’s bad actions and choice of words on the wife.
As for a woman who nagging is her second nature and do not nag you as a result of any of the scenarios shared above, imbibe the processes of taming her already enunciated and go on your knees to save her from herself. This will make you live your life to the fullest and live to see grey hairs when you are supposed to see them and not when you are in your thirties.
In addendum, always wear a smile. It shows this nagging wife she is not much of a problem to you.

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