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Information Is Everything, Yet You Need Not Gossipmongers In Your Life!


Information Is Everything, Yet You Need Not Gossipmongers In Your Life!

admin September 7, 2017

Tell me a man or woman who doesn’t flip through the channels any time they’ve got to keep abreast of events and information around them and I’ll point out an island uninhabited to you.
We all need to know what’s up, but not at the expense of another’s right to happiness. Who are these gossipmongers? I have come to read from people who conveniently call either of their parents their gossip mate. Ewww! Hello? That sounds demeaning for people you are supposed to honour all the rest of your life for bringing you into this world and raising you into what you’ve become in life. Not that I’m interested in telling you a thing on your supposed moral code, but, hey, what are friends for?
Seeing your parents as your gossip-mates is a way of telling the world you are a chip of the old wall and you are no better than your parents. Yes! What happened to your ego? Your parents are most likely use the beat afforded them by you to corrupt you forever. Believe you me! Parents can be injurious to our moral standards, and when you join this bandwagon and wakes up tomorrow to say you don’t want to be part of their pastime, you are immediately sentenced to Hate School and your life will see hell and your heart will learn such sufferings when you realize your once dotting parents have pulled the rug from underneath your once loved feet. Poor you!
And what about your siblings? Some of them have hated you from Adam but keep on smooching your ego because of the crumbs that fall off your table into their eager and greed-infested bellies. Don’t have your siblings in on what should be your best kept secrets. On the day of reckoning, those secrets of yours would be thrown so high up to meet with Hurricane Whatever and when the shit goes viral, you’ll not know peace again. Figure out from among your siblings who hate your guts for no just cause other than the fact that Cain lives in their hearts, and keep them at arm’s length.
Rather go for friends who stick closer than brothers and yes, sisters. Don’t even bother with tale-bearers who go about spreading falsehoods about whoever is at the receiving end of their hating and decaying hearts. As soon as they commit you into dropping your sentiments on a particular victim of their choice, your internment comes next as the next victim. They will add what you said and embellish it out of reality to hurt you the more when the sleaze gets to your ears. Twisted and hurting beings they are and you are too good to allow them into your delicate hearty life.
From the foregoing, these sets of people are human, but need not know everything about you. The only person that you’ll tell all about you is God. Irrespective of you doing so, He already knows all and more about you. But what I’m opining here is that you learn to build a relationship with God so as to find reason to tell it all to Him in prayers and in such solemn conversations He allows you. Information about you belongs to God alone and not to be shared with man.
Be wary of yourself when you are on low ebb of issues of life pilling more pressure on you. When you realize you have become fragile, tell it to God in prayer and escalate the matter with only a few of your good friends and relations who wouldn’t allow these issues spiral out of control. Ask for their prayers and advice and not condemn the people who are in contention with you over one issue or another. That way, you have succeeded in killing the activities of gossipmongers who always see you as arrogant and are always on the lookout for how to drag you through the raked up mud of their pigsty generated angst.

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