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Is Cheating A Good Thing? A Note I Ieft Under My Boyfriend’s Pillow!


Is Cheating A Good Thing? A Note I Ieft Under My Boyfriend’s Pillow!

admin September 7, 2017

The content of the letter I’m about to share with you is from a female friend who sent it to me via e-mail. She insisted I share it on my blog to teach guys a thing or two about girls.
I accepted to do her this favour even though my fingers are shaking like some pawpaw leaf in the face of some ill-tempered breeze.
This is it:
Dear Boyfriend,
You say the nicest of romantic words,
but they are all semantics and sweet nothings.
I know you don’t mean those words.
Guess I’m the 105th girl you have used those lines on?
Go on and live your life,
’cause I know boys have such wild oats to sow
But I want you to know that girls also have
A variety of fields to plough.
It is a sweet game we both play sweetheart.
Let’s continue to deceive ourselves.
All those screams escaping my mouth when you were
pounding me worse than a village girl pounds cassava flour in a mortar, I was just stoking your ego.
It is unfortunate you couldn’t make me see colours, but
your money did.
And I guess this is the part you wouldn’t like,
therefore, I took the liberty of planting a long
kiss of goodbye on this letter knowing that this
Is where our friendship ends.
Don’t come asking for more, because good girl can’t twerk on your field worker in between your legs.
Longest bye-bye!
Aj’ Note:Cheating is not good and seeing a man as one’s ATM is not the mind of Christ Jesus. So, we all should refrain where we are deficient in.

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